YMCA Youth & Government Info Night

Join Us on Wednesday, April 5th at 7pm

We’re starting a NEW YMCA Youth & Government (Y&G) delegation! Interested middle and high school students currently in grades 8-11 and their parents are invited to join us in the City Council Chambers at Grass Valley City Hall, 125 E Main, for a chance to learn about Y&G from current delegates and advisors.

Join us on Wednesday, April 5th at 7pm, when program leaders and high school students from El Dorado Hills and Sacramento will present information and answer questions.

Cal Y&G programs engage over 3,000 high school youth and close to 900 middle school youth each year in California, emphasizing leadership and civic involvement. Our efforts build, strengthen and encourage life assets and positive character traits. Visit calymca.org for details.
Bitney prep sophomore Bjorn Johnson, as an intern at the Union, had a piece featured on the front page above the fold on 2/23, regarding the 70-year-old California YMCA Youth & Government program. In case you missed it, here’s a link to the story and some pictures: www.theunion.com.

During Info Night, we will showcase the program with an informational slideshow, and current Y&G participants in surrounding communities will travel here to share their experiences in the program from the high-schooler perspective. I will briefly describe my experience as a program advisor for the past year with the El Dorado Hills delegation.

We are also reaching out to local community groups with hopes that you’ll attend Info Night to see what the program is all about and maybe even get inspired to help us with the effort. It’s definitely a community endeavor — we don’t have paid program staff in our community. We’re volunteers who live the program’s motto, “Democracy must be learned by each generation.”

Once we are launched, we would also love to engage the Chamber as guest speakers at delegation meetings, participate in volunteer events as a group, have Chamber representatives critique student bills at Bill Hearing Night, and any other ways you can think of that you might like to get involved.

Students attending Info Night will likely be ones interested in politics and/or leadership development. Getting them involved is what its all about.  I invite you to think of Info Night as the beginning of a long relationship with our program–one in which you’ll have opportunities to engage our program’s youth in a meaningful way. Also, perhaps you have in your group some parents of high school students whose interest might be piqued by the opportunity?