Visibility Through Art – Remembering

Guardians of the Dance are 4 archetypical figures of Nisenan woman dancing together in the upstairs backlit windows of Oustamah Lodge, 2231/2 Broad St., NC.

These powerful images add to the I Am Still Here painting of a Nisenan man dancing over an engraving of Nevada City which graces the Broad St. window of Asylum Down.

Together they complete Jenny Hale’s collaboration with CHIRP and the NC Rancheria Nisenan’s Visibility Through Art- Remembering project. View now through Feb 17.

This project is part of a larger effort to address the current plight of the Nisenan of the Nevada City Rancheria and their fight to regain Federal Recognition through public conversation and visibility. Please consider a donation – in any amount – to encourage this efforts.