Time to Register for Sierra College Spring 2018 Classes, Nevada County Campus!

Courses include Small Business Management (BUS 140), traditionally offered in the fall only, but now also available in the spring. Small Business Management is part of two new Sierra College Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Certificate programs and focuses on the practical aspects of starting, buying, and managing a small business, including home-based, service, “bricks and mortar,” and e-businesses. Natasha Palumbo, an experienced entrepreneur, teaches this class.

Additional Spring 2018 Nevada County campus courses to assist you with your business include:

Business Law (BUS 48)
Financial Accounting (BUS 1 & 2)
Oral Communication (BUS 85)
Interpersonal Communication (COMM 8)
Publication Design (AAD 52)
Digital Design (AAD 70)
Applying Computer Software (CIS 50)
Agricultural Business & Economics (AGRI 215)

…. And many more classes are offered to meet your interests and needs, not only in Career and Technical Education areas, but also across the Arts and Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences!

Classes begin Monday January 22, 2018. Register now while space is available.

Admission is open to all adults.

Visit: www.sierracollege.edu

Catalog: http://catalog.sierracollege.edu

Spring 2018 Class Schedule:

Sierra College Locations: https://www.sierracollege.edu/about-us/visit/index.php