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We carry all types of therapeutic socks for what your feet need.

Suffering from diabetes, medical issues or wide feet? Not finding the right sock to help control circulation? Extra Wide Sock Company has the sock that will help control all diabetic and foot issues, and they’re proudly MADE IN THE USA! Diabetes can result in very swollen feet and ankles. This sock proves to be the only sock that can be comfortably worn by diabetics and will not cut off the circulation of blood.

People run into medical problems where they have to wear a brace over their foot and ankle. This product allows them to wear a sock that will comfortably stretch to cover both their foot and the brace.

These unbelievable socks are not only worn for medical reasons. Having a wide or extra wide foot can cause problems with regular size socks. This sock is perfect for those individuals with large feet! Most importantly, these socks will provide all of the above mentioned points while maintaining their quality and elasticity. They make socks from super-soft cotton or wool, depending on your preference and needs. Inverted toe seam for a seam-free feel. These socks are non-constricting with a superior stretch.
This is a non-binding, extra wide mid-calf sock for people with wider feet who are tired of squeezing into tight, uncomfortable socks. These comfort fit, extra wide athletic socks are great for wide feet, swollen legs and people with medical conditions such as edema, diabetes and circulatory problems. Stretches very wide through the whole sock, will not cut off circulation.

The Fur Traders have a great selection of items that will fulfill the needs for your feet; you might even find a great pair of Mephisto shoes or sandals, the greatest walking shoe on Earth, to go along with these amazing socks. Even if you’re just puttering around at home, don’t let foot ailments slow you down. Come see our extensive selection of socks and accessories that your feet will love!