Support Full-Circle Learning – April 2nd in Nevada City

Learn About our 25 Years and 25 Reasons to Support Full-Circle Learning

Full-Circle Learning (FCL) helps young people embrace their role as the change agents and humanitarians of their generation. Its educational programs integrate and expand students’ character strengths, academic excellence, artistic capacities and peacemaking skills in service to the global human family.

Students at a school in Tanzania discovered the benefits of solar energy for the first time through Nevada County wisdom exchange partners, who made and shipped portable solar cookers. The Tanzanian youth had taught their communities to make dung patties to prevent deforestation, as girls had to drop out of school and collect firewood for cooking fuel. Now they can use methane-free solar power to cook and to heat water. In solidarity, local youth allowed our own local residents to compare the unsavory alternative at a local exhibit.  Pictured here, making the patties: Teacher Katie Smith and Climate Change Agents Zach Damewood and Lucy Carson.
(Pictured in Tanzanian photo: Boys from the academy near Arusha, teaching the community to make patties.)

Below:  Our local kids during last years Climate Change summer camp