The Subject: Slashing Nevada City’s Sphere of influence

Nevada City Needs Your Support, Please Join Us!

Thursday, March 16, 9:30am
Eric Rood Government Center

On February 26, the Nevada County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) held a work shop. The subject: Slashing Nevada City’s Sphere of influence by more than one half, from 3,000 to 1,350 acres. As you may know, the Sphere is the area surrounding the city, but outside the city limits, into which they might logically grow (annex) over time. It is the area to which Nevada City would eventually provide city services such as Fire and Police protection, recreation and sewage treatment.

The key thing here is that within the areas of the city’s Sphere of Influence the county does not approve development projects with more intense land use densities than are in the city’s General Plan. The city, in turn does not approve projects that are more intense than shown on the County General Plan. In other words, the city and its neighbors are protected if the Sphere remains intact. It is pure and simple, the right to self-determination. If the Sphere diminishes, the city has no say whatsoever in the areas deleted.

This decision is about the long-term future of Nevada City.

The City Manager, Planner, and Engineers articulated in detail the city’s ability to provide service to the Sphere areas over time.

Only 15 minutes were allowed for public testimony at the end of the meeting. It was a standing-room-only, packed house. The meeting was therefore continued to Thursday, March 16, at 9:30 am.

One person that did manage to testify was Nevada City Chamber President, Mike Byrne, as authorized by the Chamber’s Board of Directors. He read a letter into the record placing the Nevada City Chamber’s support solidly behind the City of Nevada City, and their efforts to leave the Sphere of Influence exactly as it is today.

Nevada City is good for business and its businesses are good for Nevada City.
It is highly important that the strong public support that was shown at the first meeting happen again. So stated LAFCo legal counsel, Scott Browne, at the end of the first meeting, as reported in The Union.
 “The public has a huge influence,” Browne could be heard saying to some members of the public. “I can tell you if you weren’t here, this thing would have gone right through.”

Please join us!
Where and When:
9:30 am, Thursday, March 16
Eric Rood Government Center
Nevada City Needs Your Support!