Sierra Commons Celebrates Ignitor Course Graduates, 10-Year Anniversary

When they launch their latest Business Ignitor graduating class on September 25, 2019, Sierra Commons will host a party commemorating ten years of supporting entrepreneurship in Nevada County. Anyone who has been a part of the Sierra Commons community is encouraged to show up to celebrate.

Get to know the businesses that Sierra Commons has helped launch – or relaunch – and meet the thirteen business owners who are using this year’s Ignitor X course to start something new. These entrepreneurs represent a wide variety of industries, including local cottage food businesses, cleaning services, ecological landscaping and habitat restoration, yoga, transportation, community support, media production and publishing, and retail. You might run into some familiar faces, like the folks behind the Yuba Bus, and the market at Ananda Village.

In addition to networking, a limited number of tables are available to showcase local businesses.

“Sierra Commons has always been about helping local entrepreneurs reach their full potential,” said Robert Trent, Executive Director at Sierra Commons. “It’s incredible to witness someone passionately stepping into their power and starting the business of their dreams. Together, the Sierra Commons community is creating a resilient local economy while preserving the very essence of Nevada County’s colorful character.”

Spend time with Sierra Commons supporters including Nevada County Supervisor Heidi Hall, Nevada County Executive Officer Alison Lehman, and Grass Valley City Council Member Hilary Hodge. “Sierra Commons is an essential part of our business community and our local economy,” said Hodge. “I have seen dreams become small businesses.  I have seen ideas become workplaces. I hope that Nevada County continues to support the wonderful work that this organization does for at least another ten years.”

It wouldn’t be a party without local food and libations and tunes from the Vinyl Avenger, plus a raffle! Come join the fun on September 25th and show your support for local businesses. The graduation and anniversary party will take place on Wednesday, September 25th from 6-9pm at Sierra Commons, 792 Searls Avenue in Nevada City.