RhytMandala with Ryan Michael Moore

This Workshop consists of two sessions, which take place on October 5th, and 6th – both @ 3-6pm.

In this workshop, we will have the opportunity to use our hands, feet, bodies & minds to connect to ourselves and one another.

We will:

* Learn how to understand rhythm with the mind & feel rhythm with the body
* Combine simple drumming patterns with singing & dancing to let go of inhibition and enjoy the present moment
* Cultivate expressive musical confidence & creativity
* Groove our way into embodied awareness together

This workshop is for anyone who wants to have a more mindful and musical relationship to their own body! An ideal workshop for musicians who are curious about non-western rhythms, and movers and singers interested in exploring the world of improvisation.Can’t make this offering?

Want to see what RhythMandala is about? Join us for RhythMandala @ Dance Church at the Oddfellows Hall on 9/29 for a preview!

Check out all of RhythMandala’s upcoming events @ RhythMandala.com

What is RhythMandala?

RhythMandala is an ever-evolving body of work which connects people to themselves and one another via movement, song, and dance – approachable for people of all ages and abilities.
RhythMandala events are a 3-way cross between a drum circle, a dance class, and a song circle.

Location: Golden Mandala 417 Broad St. Ste. B Nevada City