Reopen Nevada County: A Plan To Reopen In Stages While Limiting The Local Spread Of Covid-19

The plan to reopen Nevada County outlines stages that may be phased in, or out, based on data- driven measures for loosening or tightening restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19. The plan outlines the measures, lists the stages of reopening, and includes guidance for industry sectors that were developed in partnership with public and private sector representatives, or provided by the State. The stages align with the State’s Resilience Roadmap. The plan is consistent with guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health: Variance to Stage 2 of California’s Roadmap to Modify the Stay- at-Home Order: Guidance to County Government. Download the REOPEN NEVADA COUNTY PLAN

NOTE: The plan to reopen Nevada County is based on State guidance as of May 8, 2020, and will change as the State Resilience Roadmap changes. The plan was developed using best available information.