Reach More Visitors Than Ever This Year

Advertise in the 2017/2018 Visitor’s Guide

How do you capture more customers in our quaint little towns?  You talk to visitors!  The Union and all of the local Chambers of Commerce have just begun to work on the 2017/2018 Visitor’s Guide, the most popular publication at our local Chamber offices that gets mailed ALL YEAR LONG to anyone expressing an interest in visiting or moving to this area.  It’s at hotels, real estate offices, restaurants…pretty much anywhere that people go, including Truckee locations.  

This year, The Union is also adding an exciting new feature to the Visitor’s Guide.  In addition to the handy pocket- and purse-sized publication, we are developing a special website just for visitors, which will be updated multiple times a week with relevant content and upcoming events.  Since this is the first year of the site, we are including all ads that are printed in the publication on the new visitor’s website; a value of at least $350!

If you are interested in being seen by tens of thousands of potential new customers, contact Scott Conley at (530) 477-4201 or email to reserve your spot today.  Advertising deadline is June 2, so don’t delay!