Polly’s Paladar’s to Host Stag Dining Group – October 26th & 27th

Polly’s Paladar, Nevada City’s legendary supper club, is honored to host the Stag Dining Group, a full-service events company founded in San Francisco in 2010. The Mariscos Paladar will be their fifth time returning to the foothills, a Paladar record. Yes, we love them THAT much. These culinary superstars have become a beautiful addition to the world of Polly’s Paladar. In other words, they are our supper club brothers. Stag carries a flair for innovation and profound reverence for the natural world they bring to their thematic suppers uniting San Francisco’s best food and beverage industry talents, artisans, and artists. Partners include Ram’s Gate Winery, Scribe Winery, Heath Ceramics, Almanac Beer, celebrity chefs Jacques Pépin, Dominique Crenn, and author Hank Shaw. Every Paladar is unforgettable, but Stag’s dinners are passionate, tender, sentimental, wild, adventurous, daring, vibrant, and created with an exceptional devotion to detail. Please join us for a Mexican feast featuring sustainable seafood.

Marsicos will feature fiber art by Sierra Stitchcraft, a blossoming handmade artist collective based in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, greenery by Hex Botanicals, a lifestyle boutique based in Grass Valley, and our non-profit partner for the this quarter, Sierra Harvest, an organization with a mission dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting western Nevada County’s families to fresh, local, seasonal foods. This Paladar will be beautiful to behold, delicious, and sincere in its mission. An all-around feel-good moment to add to the books. See you at the table.

Shishito peppers, Peanut Salsa Seca
Shrimp Chicharrones and Guacamole
Bivalve Mixto Cocktail
Cornmeal Crusted Anchovy Caesar, Shaved Parmesan, Cilantro, Lime
Tomato and Cucumbers, Queso Fresco, Red Onion, Chapulines
Crispy Oregon Bay Shrimp Tacos, Avocado, Sal De Gusano, Cilantro, Finger Lime, Serrano Chili
Mackerel A La Parilla Tacos, Tomatillo Salsa, Chipotle-Roasted Tomato Salsa
Fig Leaf Rice Pudding, Caramelized Fig, Honey, Rum Soaked Raisins

Don’t forget that you can win two seats to #MARISCOS by following @pollyspaladar on Instagram and reading the #pollyspaladarseatcontest rules described therein! Good Luck!