MELE KALIKI MAI TAI Continues through December 22nd

Welcome back to Max’s Mai Tai! After several months of successful operation as a 1950’s and ‘60’s theme bar on Hawaii’s big island, the
owners now hope to re-unite their summer cast for a big holiday bash; not only to entertain the“Baby Boomer” holiday tourists but also to persuade Paramount Pictures to use their bar as the primary location for their planned filming of a remake of Blue Hawaii. In an effort to add another layer of professionalism to their production, they have hired a burlesque dancer from Las Vegas to join their group for the holidays. Their new floor show, now billed as Mele Kaliki Mai Tai, features wonderful music from the “Golden Age of American
Bandstand” plus some interesting romantic twists and some “Island Magic” for the holidays.

In Mele Kaliki Mai Tai, OBS regulars Jay Barker , Kelly Nevius, Rebekah Martino, Kristen DeKowzan and Tasa Proberts are joined by
singer-dancer Heidi Grass (Seen previously in Sweet Nothin’s).

With inventive choreography by Tina Marie Kelly and Heidi Grass and a varied collection of all your favorite songs of the period, including hits by Elvis, The Platters, Chuck Berry, The Righteous Brothers, The Crystals, The McGuire Sisters and many more, this talented cast will take you on a wonderful, nostalgic journey to “The Golden Age of American Bandstand” (1955-1965). Mele Kaliki Mai Tai has laughs and great music and is suitable for all ages.

Pre-show entertainment is provided by Chris Crockett beginning one hour before show time for all performances. For further information or for show reservations, please call OFF BROADSTREET at (530) 265-8686 or (530) 478-1213 or visit the OFF BROADSTREET website at