Nevada County Citizen’s Academy – Sign up now!

Citizen’s Academy will provide community members with a complete knowledge base of County departments, their functions, objectives, and day-to-day tasks.  Participants will learn government relations, such as, how Public Health, Social Services, Behavioral Health, Child Support, Probation, and Public Defender work together to provide critical safety net services to those most in need.  Participants will also get the opportunity to tour off-site County departments including the Airport, Brighton Greens, Wayne Brown Correctional Facility, and Probation.  In addition to becoming familiar with all County locations, the selected applicants get to see some of the services our County departments provide firsthand through activities like participating in a County finance game or learning how properties are assessed and taxed.  Citizen’s Academy will foster a person’s knowledge and understanding of the County departments and operations that serve our vibrant community.
Highlights of 10 Week Sessions
Network with key players in different departments of County Government
Become familiar with all County facilities and locations.
Learn about innovative approaches to delivery of County services
Gain knowledge about emergency procedures and communications.
Experience a day in the life of a citizen receiving public assistance
Learn about the Court system and a day in the life of a Public Defender, District Attorney, and Probation Officer
Application Details
Apply no later than June 27th
Applicants will be selected by July 29th
10 weekly sessions (excluding holidays) from August – November
Apply online at: