Nevada City’s Elixart Opens San Francisco Location, Plans July Art Exhibit

In late 2018, downtown Nevada City Herbal Lounge Elixart opened a second location in San Francisco in partnership with Onedome, an immersive art museum in the heart of the SoMa district. When Colter Merrick and Sharon Cummings decided to transform their new Nevada City art gallery into something more around 2012, they added a tea bar and hosted gatherings where plant beverages with thousands of years of tradition were served.

Elixart continues its path of serving non-alcoholic, plant-based beverages. This is part of a new paradigm trending away from alcohol and towards healthier choices as part of an integrative lifestyle. The new location provides a lounge and bar for Onedome’s The Unreal Garden. Elixart’s San Francisco location features a 30+ foot bar designed and fabricated by Nevada County artist, Branch Ellison.

Ellison has worked with Elixart since 2014 when he produced the solo art exhibit, “Time in Form,” with large scale orgonite sculptures for their Nevada City location. Ellison’s work elevates orgonite to the level of fine art with much larger works than generally seen in this complex, alchemical sculpting discipline. Another art exhibit is planned for July which will feature Ellison, but also include many other other artists.

Elixart is doing something new. Its collaboration with artist Branch Ellison and Onedome Global suggest a readiness in our society for something that merges holistic energy with the focus of technology-enabled artistry….a new way to fill our cup with vibrant life.

Visit Elixart, The Unreal Garden and LMNL to experience the next concept for creative, immersive art and social connection. Elixart’s Nevada City location is 408 Broad Street, Nevada City, in the heart of the Historic District. Watch for upcoming events and art exhibit announcements at See Branch Ellison’s artwork at or on

About Elixart
Elixart is a non-alcoholic bar, lounge and visionary art gallery with locations in Nevada City and San Francisco, California. Elixart provides an elevated, social experience with beverages that nourish the body and mind. Watch for Elixart at your favorite festival, such as Lightning In a Bottle or Symbiosis and see also online offerings at or

About Branch Ellison and Orgonix23
Branch Ellison is an orgonite jeweler and sculptural artist. Known for his outstanding craftsmanship and precision, Ellison has been recognized as a pioneering developer and orgonite influencer.

Ellison designs and crafts orgonite pendants and sculptures that push the boundaries of what is possible in this rare field of artistic exploration. Watch for his work at many festivals, gemstone and new age expositions, as well the custom Elixart bar in San Francisco at The Unreal Garden. Commissions invited. or

About Onedome San Francisco
Located at 1025 Market St., tickets are available for purchase online at and range in price from $22 to $55 each, based on chosen package, date and time. The lounge and Elixart Cafe are open to the public to spend time in this extraordinary space, allowing participants to try some healthy snacks, non-alcoholic beverages from elixirs to mocktails, and create original virtual artwork. See also