Nevada City Winery’s Art Gallery – Now through January 3

Crossings & Thresholds

New works by Jennifer Rain Crosby

Nevada City Winery’s Art Gallery – November 19–January 3

This show entices us to explore places of solitude and wonder, while traveling deeper into our imaginations. Jennifer’s work is a visual journey, taking us to familiar soothing terrines or miraculous secret enclaves of reflection. “Crossings and Thresholds” asks us to enter or return to places that make us curious and perhaps, we long for.

Jennifer talks about “Crossings & Thresholds”.


There is a saying in the I Ching, “it furthers one to cross the great water”. It means, to not only complete the old, but to take final leave of it and address the new.

These oil paintings with gold or silver leaf were my meditation practice. I saw myself in a small one-person boat crossing a sea of possibility…

After Covid-19 swept the world I saw that we were all in our own little one-person boats on the Sea of Possibility. Perhaps these paintings can bring others hope as they have for me.


A few weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown I began experimenting with mixed media in my oil paintings and developed these mirror paintings. They were labor intensive, with many steps in the process, but with a delightful end result. It was fun to make art where the viewer could be an active part of it! The mirror paintings have a magical child-like quality to them. Whether the mirror was an eye, a moon, or a doorway between trees, they all felt like thresholds to me. I hope that they bring unexpected joy and wonder to viewers.

Paintings are primarily on wood panels using handcrafted oil paints. Some of Jennifer’s works are mixed media, combining mirror, mortar, paper, gold and silver leaf with oil paints for a surprising twist.

Jennifer explains… “One year ago, I decided to stop using commercial oil paints and committed to making my own with natural ingredients. My paints are made with natural pigment, walnut oil, cold wax and mineral spirits, works feature beautiful local landscapes, both real and imagined. “

To find out more about Jennifer and “Crossings & Thresholds” visit: or @jenniferraincrosby on Instagram

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