Fishing in the Sierras

There is no finer place to set up a base camp for some fishing in the Sierra Nevada than Nevada City, California. A small, historic town of 2,500 people, Nevada City is perfectly situated on the Sierra’s western slope. It is also within easy reach of the wonderful waters that flow through the Tahoe National Forest and lands nearby. A climate moderated by a wide range of elevations makes fishing possible twelve months out of the year in either the Valley or Sierra fishing districts, the borders of which Nevada City straddles. Depending on where you go and during what season, species range from rainbow or German brown trout (with some steelhead, brook and mackinaw) to bass, kokanee salmon, and pan fish.

Tahoe National Forest, headquartered in Nevada City, encompasses 800,000 acres, with terrain ranging from beautiful to spectacular with easy-access spots to places where you have really gotten away from it all.

Included in and out of the forest boundaries is the Yuba River system with its three forks, and the Truckee and Bear Rivers along with their many tributaries. The entire area is dotted with numerous lakes with all levels of access ranging from boat ramped to walk-in wilderness area lakes.

After a hard day of fishing, come back to Nevada City and enjoy our many fine restaurants, bars and entertainment features. You will feel right at home with the wide range of locally owned, high quality businesses.

For further information on fishing and any other outdoor activity in the Tahoe National Forest, please visit or drop by their office at 631 Coyote Street.

Fly casters should check in with Tony Dumont, owner of the Nevada City Angler at 417-C Broad Street for the best tips, tackle, equipment and literature around. His website, and Tony have comprehensive fishing information as well as a regularly updated fishing report.

And then there is Nevada City’s superlative SPD Market. Here you can pick up a fishing license, the regulations and everything from night crawlers to Rapalas. You can also secure all of your food and beverage provisions needed for your outing. They are located at 735 Zion Street or visit

While there may be other great places to fish, there is no better base camp for a fishing expedition than Nevada City.

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