Nevada City Tree Tour

Nevada City is filled with beautiful trees and you can learn about them through the Nevada City Tree Tour, now available as a downloadable PDF or downloadable Google Earth file (to open the file you’ll need to install the desktop version of Google Earth).

The self-guided walking (or driving) tour of 42 native and non-native trees in the downtown Nevada City area was originally prepared by horticulturist and tree care consultant Ellen Solomon in 2008, along with contributors Randall Frizzell, Roger McGehee and Chet Blackburn.

This original map was updated for accessibility on smart phones and computers under the supervision of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce in 2017.  The Tree Tour is divided into 2 routes, each taking about an hour to walk in most instances.

Patterned after tree guides of other communities, the City of Nevada City has painted sidewalk leaves to identify trees on the route, which are maintained by the Chamber of Commerce.

Critical additions and edits for the 2017 text were generously contributed by Greg Archbald, Zeno Acton and Randall Frizzell. Pamela Biery, the 2008 map designer, managed the 2017 project update and digital implementation.

The production of the Nevada City Tree Tour has been supported by California ReLeaf, Pacific Gas & Electric, the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, with the sponsorship of Acton Arboriculture, Inc., Byers LeafGuard, Gold Creek Inn B&B, Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Co., and donations. Thank you for your support.


Nevada City’s Horticultural Heritage