Nevada City Safe

City Council recently launched the Nevada City Safe program to certify those businesses who are working hard to ensure customers, employees and our community at large are safe in the time of COVID.

Please consider supporting these small businesses this holiday season and beyond. Retail establishments are currently at 20% capacity and restaurants offer curbside pickup and/or delivery. Shop Local has never been more important to the future of our town- together we will get through this!

How to Certify Your Business
If you are a Business and would like to participate please send an email to City Code Compliance Officer Amanda Kysar.

Short Self Certification Form for businesses (this is for businesses who have the required written safety protocols and are able to show them to the City Code Compliance Officer)
Long Self Certification Form for businesses (this is required of businesses who currently do not have a Site Specific Plan (SSP))

You can submit a COVID-19 Compliance or Safety Concern here.



(Dec 16, 2020) Code Compliant Businesses

12/11/2020 Remedy Garden 412 Commercial St
12/11/2020 Three Forks Bakery & Brewing 211 Commercial Street
12/11/2020 Carrington’s Fine Wines 242 A Commercial Street
12/11/2020 Fudenjuce 815 Zion Street
12/14/2020 Abstrakt 228 Broad St.
12/14/2020 Novak’s 305 Broad St.
12/14/2020 Treats 210 Main St.
12/14/2020 Fur Traders 303 Broad St.
12/14/2020 Fred’s 224 Broad St.
12/14/2020 The Hat Store 314 Broad St.
12/14/2020 Java John’s 306 Broad St.
12/14/2020 Heartwood 237 Commercial St.
12/14/2020 The Pizza Joint 228 Commercial St.
12/14/2020 Gray Goose 230 Broad St.
12/14/2020 Nevada City Classic Café 216 Broad St.
12/16/2020 Bistro 221 221 Broad St
12/16/2020 Mama Madrones 307 Broad St.
12/16/2020 Kitkitdizzi 231 Broad St.
12/16/2020 Solstice 104 N. Pine St.
12/16/2020 Miners Foundry 325 Spring St.
12/17/2020 Tysa 300 Spring St.