Bierwagen’s Farm Annual Pumpkin Patch & Harvest Festival


Pumpkin Patch

Enjoy a huge pumpkin patch with tons of pumpkins just waiting to be picked. Many pumpkins are still attached to the vine they grew on, allowing you to enjoy the full pumpkin-picking experience. There are plenty of pumpkins that have already been picked if you prefer not to walk to the patch. Also available is a large selection of specialty pumpkins, squash and gourds. And we can’t forget the mini pumpkins and colorful Indian corn.

Fresh Apples

Fresh apples are a fall must, and Bierwagen’s has plenty of apples for you to choose from. You will find many varieties that are familiar and some that you might not have tasted before. Think about taking home a half box.

Apple Cider

Bierwagen’s Farm presses cider once a week and it is available for the month of October.  Cider is fresh, unfiltered, not sweetened and not pasteurized. Don’t forget to pick up an extra gallon to put in the freezer for later in the year as well as a package of mulling spices to make hot spiced cider for chilly fall nights.

Snack Shack

In case you get hungry after picking out your pumpkin, you can enjoy anything from a grilled hamburger to a salad, with lots of options in between. There are plenty of sweet treats too: caramel apples, pumpkin cupcakes, and apple cookies just to name a few. Don’t miss their popular apple fritter nuggets – many customers come to the pumpkin patch just for a fresh order of nuggets. Or take home a fresh-baked pie to enjoy with your apples cider.

Children’s Play Area

If you are bringing kiddos to the farm, there are lots of fun activities in store for them. In the Children’s Play Area there are the straw-bale horses, the corn (think sand) box, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin ring toss and more. There is also a nature/farm scavenger hunt that will take you on an adventurous tour of the farm. Kids of all ages (adults included) will love to visit with all of the farm animals and take advantage of several beautiful photo opportunities – its the perfect time to take a picture for the family Christmas card!

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**Please leave your dogs at home as they are not allowed because they worry the livestock.