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My wife and I, along with her sister, daughter and boyfriend pair visited the Victorian Christmas event. On our way to get some food, a voice reached out and stopped me cold. At first, I thought someone had set up a sound system with a professional recording playing from one of the shops. When I saw Sierra performing, singing to any and all that passed by, I stopped. I listened for a short bit and went to move on, and stopped again. I could not get my classically inclined ear to let me leave and catch up with the group. Her beautiful voice was one that I could not ignore. I felt as if I were looking at a talent that didn’t belong there. The whole of the Victorian Christmas was such a pleasant experience, and I plan to visit again in 2012, with more of my family. If we arrive earlier, we can enjoy more of it. There was so much to see, that we had to pick and chose. But of all the wonderful things and people we saw, I hope that we can hear Sierra again. She was simply special.
– Randy, Lathrop, CA

I have seen the Hallmark Movie “Christmas Card” dozens of times. I watch it everytime it is on TV and I order the movie so I can watch it whenever I want to. The scenery is beautiful, the town is very special and is the kind of town I would love to live in with the same kind of people that were in the movie. That was a truly fantastic movie with a perfect cast for Faith & Cody…..very romantic. I want to come to your town some day!!
– Carol, Boynton Beach, FL

So beautiful. just like in the movie, The Christmas Card.
– Peggy, Clearwater, CA

We decided to come into town as my art is being exhibited at Mowen Solinsky Gallery, a wonderful place. We were somewhat surprised to encounter the whole Victorian Christmas festival and enjoyed it immensely. The best surprise, though, was the voice coming out of the open window of Crazy Cow Frozen Yogurt. I came to find out it belongs to the 16 year old daughter of the owner. Sierra Dallugge brought both my husband and myself to tears with the beauty of her singing. We hope the community will help her voice be heard far and wide. We found the whole atmosphere and energy of both the festival and Nevada City to be warm and very friendly. We will be back for sure.
– Cynthia Brody, Moraga, CA

I want to come for a visit.
– Evelyne J Hollinsworth, Austin, TX

Have you ever had a surreal moment where you were drawn to a place as if you belonged there and your heart actually ached for it, only you’ve never been there? That is how I felt after watching The Christmas Card. I feel in my soul like I belong there. It’s just how I feel (and they say men don’t feel). I can’t count how often I have watched that movie over the past few years. The characters, Faith and Cody, remind me of the love affair I have with my wife over these past 25 years. I can’t wait to make the journey to your fair city and inhale its beauty and passion for small town America. The people that live there are truly blessed more than they probably know. That is the place I would like to retire to when the time comes. God Bless!
– Fred, Mansfield, TX

I love Nevada City someday I will go back there to live .
– Sherry Sutton, Olympia WA

We were up in the area staying in Grass valley and went to Nevada City to check it out the people at the Chamber of commerce / tourist info were awesome we had a great time it was awesome to see all the historical stuff. I would visit again and I tell my friends they should Thanks again we loved it
– Paula, Escondido, CA

We wandered into town almost by accident this past Sunday and had the most enjoyable day we’ve had in a long, long time! You are so open, gracious and helpful for those visiting! We loved the shops and had the best food and dinner experience on the outdoor patio at the Sopa Thai restaurant. We are planning to return for a full weekend. It’s already like home away from home!
– Dennis and Christine, Rancho Cordova, CA


The movie was great and the town is beautiful. I would love to visit there some day.
– Jim Arnold, Lynchburg,VA

We’re lucky enough to have a son and daughter-in-law living up in the You Bet/Red Dog area. We’re even luckier to have visited three times and our first stop is always Nevada City and then on to Grass Valley. The extraordinary thing is that today, the Hallmark film ‘The Christmas Card’ was showing on daytime TV in the UK – I wonder how many Brits will be tempted to come and visit? They’ll find the town enchanting with more beautiful wooden Victorian houses than we have in London – and you should hear the oohs and aahs at shots of Fire Station No 1! Love the place. If I had the spare cash – and you’d let me in – I’d be moving in there like the proverbial shot.
– Paul, London England

I went on a college field trip around May 1983 with my late mother for her birthday. It was the most memorable fun we both had! Whenever I drive by, I would see the exit of Nevada City, CA while on my way to Reno, NV. I would tell my aunt about the fun I had there when my mother and I walked around the beautiful towm. I was thinking of one day, taking my father up there to see this beautful town.
– linda Mariscal

We love visiting this town and spending time on the Yuba River. I live in San Diego now and it’s worth the long trip up. This town is one of the main reasons that I miss living in Northern California.
– Linda Welch, Concord, CA

Everytime I visit Nevada City I have the most wonderful time. There is never is dull moment because there are so many stores to see and interesting people to meet. When asked what I like to do in my spare time I relpy, “take a drive up to Nevada City of course”. So I urge anyone who wants to have a good time, to take a trip up to Nevada City you’ll absolutley love the experience.
– Meagan, Yuba City, CA

Since I saw the movie Christmas card, I loved the town and visiting the nevada City was great.
– Alicia, Delano, CA

As others have said, I, too, saw the movie The Christmas Card and fell in love with Nevada City. I hope someday I can see it for myself.
– Mary Ann Piccinini, Pittsburgh, PA

Having lived in Marysville CA for 13 years, I would be up in Nevada City every spare minute that I had. I loved it there so much! Especially at Christmas Time! There is a family just a few blocks from downtown who would light up their whole front yard with Christmas Lights, we would go on Christmas Eve every year, what a blessing it was to see all those beautiful lights. We live in a very quaint town in Texas now with a really lovely old court house square, it is a really good substitute for Nevada City…but no mountains or pine trees. Maybe one of these days I will make it back, Nevada City is one of the few places that I miss in California, I love Texas and the people here!
– Lorraine, Granbury, TX

Watched when first on in 2007 and love this movie. Know Nevada City well, but after seeing this movie, had to go there again……….wish there be a sequel to it! Showing Cody and Faith married I know the actress who played the Mother recently pass away. Glad it is playing again this year 2009.
– Ina Young, Walnut Creek, CA

We will be retiring soon, selling our home, and living and traveling in our motor home for two years. I would very much like one of our stops to be Nevada City, as I have seen the movie, The Christmas Card, and fell in love with the town and area. I hope the area has camping spots for RVs. Thank you for sharing your town with the Hallmark Channel!
– Pam, Arnold, MO

I have seen the movie The Christmas card and I really want to see this town it is just unbelieveable.
– Debbie, Milwaukee, WI

I always feel like I am home when I come up here. Hopefully, will make it home after retirement.
– Cathy, Bakersfield, CA

I enjoy visiting Nevada City. It’s a perfect place to bring out-of-town visitors to show off California.
– Robyn Scaggs, Roseville, CA

Loved Everything, Great Place
– Patrick Murphy, San Francisco, CA

Nevada City is my favorite town in the Gold Country. What a great place to spend a couple of days.
– Rick, San Francisco, CA

I love it
– David, Hemet, CA

Having traveled the world I would rather be in Nevada City than any place else.
– Kent, Nevada City, CA

This is the most beautiful, well-preserved town in the Motherlode. I not only had great food here, I also heard the most outstanding new music and saw pristine forest and lakes. If there were some way to make a living here, I would move up in a heartbeat.
– Diana, Los Angeles, CA