“Loving Vincent” – December 17th

On Sunday, December 17th), the Nevada Theatre Film Series will present “Loving Vincent”, a film about the final days of painter Vincent van Gogh. This unique film is the first fully painted animated feature and each of the film’s 65,000 frames is an oil painting created using techniques similar to Van Gogh.

In making the film, directors Hugh Welchman and Dorota Kobiela first created live-action footage with actors playing their roles on specially constructed sets or in front of green screens. Digital software was then used to incorporate the paintings as well as other computer animation. The film took seven years to make.

Sierra Cinemas owner Mike Getz says, “As January 2018 approaches, I realize that I’ve been operating the Nevada Theatre Film Series for almost 40 years.  Our goal has always been to bring unusual movies to our local community; movies that weren’t being shown in the big commercial theaters. We have always shown highly regarded foreign films, documentaries, films by unknown directors and, I have to admit, films that I was just curious to see.” 

“One such film coming up is ‘Loving Vincent’.  This film not only speculates about how Vincent van Gogh met his untimely death, but it tells the story with an innovative filming technique that required every frame of the film to be hand painted. Our local audiences have always been particularly interested in films that have to do with artistic accomplishments, so we are very pleased to be showing ‘Loving Vincent’ on two consecutive Sundays.”

Both showings begin at 7pm (with doors opening at 6:30) and admission is $8.



What:  “Loving Vincent” at the Nevada Theatre Film Series

When: Sunday, December 10th and Sunday, December 17th, at 7pm

Where:  The Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad St, Nevada City, CA 95959

Who: Sierra Cinemas

Admission:  $8; doors open at 6:30pm

Information:  (530) 477-1100, or mainoffice@sierratheaters.com

Website: http://www.sierratheatres.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sierratheaters/

Trailer: http://www.lovingvincent.com