Living Through Layers Seen & Unseen by Marie Wolfe

An emerging new artist is displaying her works at Nevada City Winery and, the Living Through Layers Seen and Unseen exhibit will not disappoint. Marie Wolfe’s creations are fresh, new, and authentic. She is self-taught and, as a result, not constrained by the boundaries of a particular medium. Her pieces are an appealing combination of abstract realism offering a refreshing new expression of movement and texture through the blend of oil and cold wax with the addition of various forms of mark-making, each piece incorporating depth through the use of pastels, graphite, marble dust and more.

Exhibit Title: Living Through Layers Seen & Unseen

Artist: Marie Wolfe

Show Dates: Thursday, February 6th through Monday, March 2nd

Where: Nevada City Winery  321 Spring Street  Nevada City, CA 95959  530-265-9463

A Statement by Marie Wolfe

“Painting constantly conforms to the fluctuations of the heart – throughout the act of painting”

– Picasso-

Living out loud through layers seen and unseen, through weight, depth and texture, I work to discover the mystery and realm where abstraction and realism meet.

My intention is that my work have complexity and a sense of history. I like to say that my work is informed by the idea of impermanence as I build up and scrape away marks and gestures and at times covering up other paintings. Something awakens, helping me to find the direction I need to move, in order to create. I am looking for visual moments to capture a particular feeling, and as I move over the canvas each painting takes on an independent direction.

I am drawn to aged surfaces that reveal the endless passage of time; objects with a striking physicality. Fragments of urban decay, weather worn surfaces that present textures that were at one time rigid and strong, which have surrendered through time to the elements to which they have been exposed. I see this through my travels, in nature and through my photography. I look at human form with its myriad of shapes and expression which in turn inform an emotional response. Through the act of adding and subtracting my intention is for my work to be multifaceted and have a sense of story, bringing nature and life to the canvas. I tend to not feel constrained by the boundaries of medium. Currently, my choice is oil and cold wax, along with various forms of mark making. The use of pastels, graphite, marble dust and more make up the various layers I play in.

I am thrilled by this gift of creation, as well as the challenges it brings that press upon my creative sensibility as I strive to live the life I wish to live.

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