Live Like a Local and Love Your Community

California is blessed with a tremendous diversity of outdoor beauty and destinations. Today is the right day to learn to love where you are and seek out the quiet places that allow social distancing and ways to refresh, rejuvenate and re-create a calmer state of mind with appropriate outdoor activities.


With gyms and high-density parks no longer an option for exercise, hiking and mild walks look more inviting than ever. Best news—you only need a pair of shoes to hike—no gear upgrades required.

Here is a list of some wonderful hiking destinations in Nevada County, courtesy of Nevada City Chamber of Commerce.

The American Hiking Association also offers resources for local trails throughout America: – hikes-near-you

Daily Policy Changes

Keep in mind that policies are changing daily. Check for local destinations and keep up with government mandates, selecting near home destinations and respecting social distancing. California State Parks have closed some parking areas and have created a page to help keep citizens aware of COVID-19 safety practices. Visit:

Bring your maps and directions with you! Most Visitor Centers, including the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce are currently closed due to COVID-19. Follow personal safety rules and do not go out in nature alone.

Shopping, Dining Out and Local News

While out doing essential errands, don’t forget take-out at your favorite local restaurants and markets. It takes planning, but supporting local business is critical—let’s remember these are the businesses that make our communities great places to live and show them some love, and as mandated controls lift, keep that love going with local dollars fueling our local economies.

Many businesses are offering curbside delivery and take out for foodservice, groceries and medicine. Here’s a Nevada County directory courtesy of The Union.

Remember too, our critical local news outlets, who are tasked with keeping us informed on local news that only comes to us through these key organizations that depend on individual subscriptions and donations as well as advertising dollars.

Social Distancing Mandate Spells LOCAL

Living like a local means planning ahead, thinking and reinvesting in the place that we call home. Let’s keep loving the good where we are and find new trails, outdoor activities, and services locally.

This is an unprecedented time, one that asks us to be mindful of ourselves, our family and our communities. This is an excellent time to live like a local and revisit what this means in our day-to-day lives.

Deer Creek

Deer Creek Tribute Trail

Buttermilk Bend Trail – South Yuba River State Park

Spring Crocus