LeGacy Presents Rodger Hoopman’s SCROOGE

Continues December 14th through December 24th!

Performances are Friday and Saturdays at 7:30, Thursday December 21st at 7p.m.

Sunday December 24th at 2 p.m.

LeGacy Presents is proud to once again present Rodger Hoopman’s SCROOGE as their annual holiday production at the Nevada Theatre, from November 24th through December 24th.

The original production of SCROOGE opened in 1978 in Cal Expo’s Golden Bear Playhouse, directed by Gary McFadyen and featuring Rodger Hoopman as Scrooge. Since then, SCROOGE has played each holiday season to enthusiastic audiences throughout Northern California.

Directed by Sue LeGate-Halford, choreographed by Dinah Smith, with musical direction by Beverly Marks, SCROOGE is a must see this Christmas season!

With Rodger Hoopman in the title role for his 39th year, SCROOGE made its debut last year at the Nevada Theatre, and due to an overwhelming reception, is back this year. Bringing SCROOGE back was a no brainer, according to producer/director LeGate-Halford, “When an actor of Rodger’s quality says yes again, you don’t think twice. And as with any good production, you make changes to keep it fresh. New dances and a mostly new cast has added up to make this an even stronger show than last year. A few new surprises, too!”
Joining Hoopman in this delightful musical are LeGacy veterans Ward Thompson as the Ghost of Jacob Marley and the Chief Coroner, Dinah Smith as the Ghost of Christmas Past (and others) and Kris Meadows as the Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge’s nephew Fred and one of the very funny undertakers. More familiar faces from LeGacy productions are Chis Whitlock & Aurora Casey. Newcomers Elliot Childs & Bethany Gardner as young lovers Ebenezer and Belle. Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit and the Fezziwigs are warmly played by Berta Paradise and Steve Crandall. Rounding out the ensemble cast is Kassady Kelly, Bailey Trent, Luca LaMarca, Alexis Phillips with Mario LaMarca as Tiny Tim.

Sacramento Bee Arts Critic Robert Masullo wrote, “His Scrooge is singular. He’s irascible, inarticulate and mean. Nevertheless and remarkably, he creates something close to sympathy for Scrooge.” Bee Arts critic Alfred Kay scribed, “Like Carol Channing as Dolly Levi or Yul Brynner as the King of Siam, the local director and actor has made the role his own. He handles it with a depth of fury and bitterness that makes you wonder how Bob Cratchit ever showed up for work.”

Sacramento Union critic Richard Simon wrote, “Hoopman has polished his conception of Scrooge so the character glows with a patina akin to that of rubbed mahogany. He makes his points both as the misanthrope and miser of Christmas eve and the philanthropist of Christmas day with utmost simplicity and directness of speech and gesture.” Patricia Beach Smith, Bee Arts Critic, said, “Rodger Hoopman, as the unlikable yet redeemable title character, was a convincing Scrooge in a tour de force part, honed over many years of practice. His transformation from a persnickety old money-grabber to a generous, almost giddy everybody’s uncle, proved his mettle.”

The production includes an original musical score by Hoopman and Rob Knable (with additional music and lyrics by Warren Harrison) which, “Weaves about a dozen clever songs through the threads of the original story…making the holiday musical a delight.” (Joanne Burkett, Roseville Press Tribune).

“The set captures Dickens’ time, place and ambiance. The narrow houses line a narrow street, and though they are rendered on flat canvas, the scene evokes the comforting feeling of an advent calendar and makes one want to open the small windows for the prizes within,” said Alfred Kay of the Sacramento Bee.
Last years production by LeGacy at the Nevada Theatre earned 4 SARTA nominations (Sacramento Area Theatre Alliance) including sound, set design, light design by Les Solomon and a win for Sharon Sciabica for beautiful period costumes.
Performances are Friday and Saturdays at 7:30, Thursday December 14th & 21st at 7p.m., Sundays December 3rd, 17th and 24th at 2 p.m.

Tickets for SCROOGE are only $20 in advance, available at The Bookseller, Harmony Books, online at LeGacypresents.com or by calling (530) 268 5419, and reserved seating is $35 available only online or through box office.