LeGacy Celebrates Janis Joplin’s Birthday Jan 22 & 23

LeGacy celebrates Janis Joplin’s Birthday….AGAIN!

LeGacy productions celebrates Janis Joplin and the music of her time in “Happy Birthday Janis…AGAIN!”..one weekend only, January 22 and 23 at the Nevada Theatre.

Janis Joplin would have been 73 on January 19th, and although she has been gone since October of 1970, her music certainly lives on. Sue LeGate Halford  takes the stage with Dave and the Cool Beans to perform live the music from the 60’s and 70’s and beyond. “We had such a great time last year….putting together the sound of the artists who may have been at Janis’ birthday party…..we decided we just had to do it again….before I am too old to crawl on the stage!” LeGate Halford says.

“I’m only 30 years older than Janis was when she left us, a grandma, too! So who knows how long we can keep this up…its a little past my bedtime! We surprisingly sold out last year, and I think that’s a sign that there’s enough of us still out there that appreciate the explosion of the music of that time. Everyone was trying new directions in their music, Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Sonny & Cher…lots more…all unique and different from each other. Janis mixed old blues with rock…she seemed to have come out of nowhere when she floored them with Big Mama Thornton’s “Ball and Chain” at Monterey Pop in 67. From there she just flew to the top. So sad she left us so soon.”

Janis-Dave-BeansLeGate-Halford shares the stage for this party with her husband’s band, Dave and the Cool Beans. “They are fantastic!!” she says. “Beatles, Doobies, Credence, Airplane, Big Brother….they not only play it all…but their harmonies are incredible!.” Dave Halford heads up the Beans on rhythm guitar and unique searing vocals. Steve Sheppard on bass and vocals, Paul Turner on lead guitar and vocals, and John Basa on the drums comprise the rest of the “Beans”. “In particular, their Beatles stuff is right on…” says LeGate-Halford….”I like to say its because we’re half authentic…Steve and Paul are both British born…Paul is even from Liverpool….he must have Beatle blood, right?

At any rate…its gonna be one fun weekend…and although we make jokes about it being geezer music…its really for the young set too. We had 12 year olds dancing to the Beans at the theatre in November….I guess all these kinds of music thrown together really has no age limit for pure enjoyment…and we love doing it!”

Tickets for “Happy Birthday Janis….AGAIN!” are $20 in advance, available at the BookSeller, Harmony Books, online at legacypresents.com or by calling (530) 268 5419