LeeAnn Brook and Michael Shemchuck: “Into Abstraction”

Abstract Viewpoints

While at first glance, abstract art can appear simple and easily accomplished, it is one of the most challenging forms of painting, according to local artist and gallery owner LeeAnn Brook. Lines, shapes and colors can seem randomly placed, yet the approach can be as systematic as creating a representational painting–and often more challenging. The March show at LeeAnn Brook Fine Art will demonstrate the outcome of this challenge. Meet LeeAnn Brook and discuss the work at the opening reception March 6, 5-7pm. at LeeAnn Brook Fine Art, 231 Broad St. in downtown Nevada City.

“Into Abstraction” will open at LeeAnn Brook Fine Art during the month of March, featuring new abstract mixed media paintings by LeeAnn Brook and guest artist Michael Shemchuk. Commanding attention by his use of bold lines and color fields, Shemchuk’s contemporary paintings utilize a confident color palette, creating textural intrigue with paper and paint on wood panels. Brook’s new series of abstracts are mixed media on paper, wood panels and canvas, conveying a sense of depth with her unusual use of collage papers.

Brook’s new series of abstracts take on several mediums. All of her mixed media paintings utilize paint and collage materials, covering the range of substrates–from works on Arches watercolor paper framed under glass, to stretched canvas and wood panels. All of the paintings lead from one to the other, as her weaving of layers of patterns and textures illuminate the canvas. Her newest pieces resemble the warp and weft of tapestry, where the intersection of one color over another creates additional depth.

“While most of my paintings have been landscape-oriented over the years, sometimes it’s great to simply play with colors, shapes and textures, with no subject matter in mind. This series reflects part of an evolution of my work after professionally painting for over 25 years. They connect to my earlier work because of my fascination with collage, and explore new territories that are exciting to me. Art is always in a constant state of change, and I love this challenge,” comments Brook.

Bay Area abstract artist Michael Shemchuk’s work is a stand-out in the world of contemporary art. He builds layers with paint and papers, then sands and scrapes the surface of his deep wood panels, revealing a beautiful worn texture. Bold strokes against exciting textures build his hallmark for his contemporary work. This is the second show for Shemchuk at LeeAnn Brook Fine Art.

LeeAnn Brook Fine Art features Brook’s working studio as well as the art of over 30 different artists, plus monthly guest artist shows. Open daily from 12-5 p.m., the gallery is located at 231 Broad Street in downtown Nevada City. For more information about the gallery’s artists and events, visit www.leeannbrookfineart.com

WHO: LeeAnn Brook and Michael Shemchuck
WHAT: “Into Abstraction” New mixed media paintings by LeeAnn Brook and Michael Shemchuk
WHEN: March 1-31, 2020 – Opening Reception, Friday, March 6, 5-7 pm
WHERE: LeeAnn Brook Fine Art 231 Broad St., Nevada City, CA
CONTACT: LeeAnn Brook, 530-557.5160