Learning to Farm? Looking for a Job in Agriculture?

Applications Due March 30th

The 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture reported the average age of farmers in the United States to be 58. Over the next 10 years, our country will need 10,000 new farmers just to replace the ones who will retire! The Sierra Harvest Farm has a program to support farmers and ranchers to be prosperous, successful and vibrant!

What is Farm Crew? Hands-on Training, Supported Learning

Hone your skills with Sierra Harvest’s 2018 Farm Crew! Apply now to join a cohort of early-career farmers working and learning on sustainable farms throughout Nevada County. Whether it is learning to repair a tractor, tending a hive of bees, planting a native plant hedgerow, learning to manage a farm office, or mastering the art of bouquet making, we will support you to follow your passion! Farm Crew members will be learning and working on farms and ranches throughout the region and also gathering bi-monthly for community events and advanced production skills courses. This series of workshops will be taught in the field by local experts.

Host Farms

Qualified Farm Crew member applicants will be passed on to host-farms for hiring for the 2018 season. Host farms offer a wide range of paid job opportunities; from 5 hours per week all the way up to full time employment. In addition to a connection to a job and mentor, Farm Crew will support and maximize your on-farm experience with advanced production skills classes, field trips, one-on-one advising and community building providing Farm Crew members with a positive and successful start in market farming. All farm placements are with ecologically sustainable farms. For a list of host farms, click here!

Farm Crew Production Skills Course

Members will spend 3 hours every other week from May through November attending production skills classes (total of 15 classes- 45 hours of instruction.) Production skill courses will include: soil analysis, cover crops and soil building, soil tillage and cultivation, row crop irrigation, pasture management, pest management, animal health and husbandry, tractor technology, greenhouse management, seeding and transplanting, food safety, composting, and more. Classes will be taught by local farmers, ranchers and agriculture industry experts. Most will be held in the field (ie on farms.) Check out the tentative Farm Crew Production Skills Course for the 2018 season!

Who can apply for Farm Crew?
Hard working people seriously considering a career in agriculture can apply for Farm Crew. One season of previous farming experience is strongly encouraged. People already working on farms and ranches in the Nevada County region can also apply to attend Farm Crew Production Skills classes.

To learn more and apply, visit our website. Applications due March 30, 2018 with placements beginning April/May through November.