Jurying Criteria

Your products should be a creative reflection of you. Often our jury has to deny vendors whose products are well-made and lovely but just don’t fit in with the event aesthetic. We want to be sure your products are a good match for our event, not only to keep our branding consistent but also to help ensure that you do well at the show.

  • Products should be an asset to the event and town aesthetically. People visit Nevada City for its quaint small-town charm – your products should complement the charm and small-town feel.
    • Products should be made of authentic natural materials whenever possible (wood, metal, natural fibers – use of plastic, vinyl, synthetic fabrics, and plasticizers should be used sparingly, if at all)
    • No mass produced or exclusively machine-made products (exceptions may be made for vintage products). Products should have a unique and artisan feel. People attend our events for the experience. Your products and displays should add to the experience.
  • Products must be of high quality and should highlight craftsmanship. Designs should be original.
  • For nonprofits or those not selling products we only accept local organizations that provide a broad common benefit for our community (eg. SYRCL, or Bear Yuba Land Trust).


Preference is given to vendors who meet the following criteria:

  • Vendors who offer artisan products handmade by the person selling them
  • Local vendors who live in Nevada City or surrounding communities
  • Returning vendors who have shown exemplary conduct and attitude
  • Vendors who follow sustainable practices and offer sustainable goods
  • For food vendors: high quality, scratch made foods (bonus for those offering organic, local, or seasonal foods)

Returning Vendors

Returning vendors must go through the jurying process for every event as our events are always evolving. Being a returning vendor does not guarantee acceptance. Returning vendors who meet the following criteria in addition to the criteria listed above are given priority:

  • Have demonstrated respect and a positive attitude towards event staff and volunteers at previous events
  • Followed and demonstrated a clear understanding of the event guidelines (ie. load-in and load-out procedures, stopping sales at designated time, wearing costumes (if required), etc.)
  • Have shown that you communicate effectively and are a team player

All products for sale must be listed in the application and accepted by our team prior to selling at any of the markets.