Jed Dixon Says “Farewell to Off Broadstreet”

Many of our loyal patrons were sad to learn that Jed and his family are moving to Raleigh, NC in late January of next year, due to reassignment by his employer. We at Off Broadstreet are likewise sad to see him go but know he will be warmly welcomed in his new home, and we wish him the best. He shows his gratitude for your support by presenting this final weekend for your enjoyment before he leaves Nevada County.

Jed’s Farewell Concert
Friday & Saturday 8:15 PM
January 11th & 12th
(Pre-show with Chris Crockett at 7:15 PM)

Jed has endeared himself to our audiences, appearing in numerous popular productions since his debut on the OBS stage in 2010, most
notably our original production of The Memory Chest, in which he performed uncanny vocal impersonations of several iconic performers like Roy Orbison, Elvis, Johnny Mathis, Elton John and Sammy Davis Jr. Jed is an impressive vocal talent!

For further information or for show reservations, please call OFF BROADSTREET at (530) 265-8686 or (530) 478-1213 or visit the OFF
BROADSTREET website at