Intro to Medicine Theater, Evening Archetypal Immersion

Friday October 18th
6-9pm $25 online $30 @ door
Medicine Theater, Daylong Archetypal Immersion:

The full “immersive experience” will be held from 12-5pm on Saturday October 19th. $60 (early bird) $70 (regular)

Join Asher Lyons for an immersive archetypal adventure into the creative unknown portal of play!

This will be an opportunity to experience Medicine Theater’s signature approach of discovering story through visionary inner landscaping

These workshops will have a unique visionary theme that may support our entry into the portal of the creative imagination

We will draw on the healing archetypal energies of the Sacred Fool and the great Story Weavers as we journey into the art of spontaneous play and co-create medicine stories that weave together our personal and collective healing.

By utilizing archetypal themes, prayer (or intention setting) and medicinal music, we will paint the sound-scapes and open the portals to access the realm of limitless creative possibility.

*Connect to the power of vulnerable creative play
*Discover untapped creative forces within
*Develop a relationship with your sacred fool
*Support in expressing your true voice in front of an audience
*Heal & Release through Laughter
*Access new or dormant aspects of your creative being
*Overcome fears and cultivate new courage
*Practice problem solving skills through creative play
*Experience connection between the creative mind, body, spirit

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