Heavenly Streams: Acupuncture Salon

Heavenly Streams Chinese Medicine is seeking hosts for a unique experience in wellness: the Acupuncture Salon.

The Acupuncture Salon is a small interactive gathering of people looking to address their health concerns with natural, holistic methods. There will be brief talk on Chinese Medicine followed by Q & A. Then each participant will have a chance to receive personal treatments to address individual issues.

Acupuncture so much more than sticking needles in a patient and leaving them in the dark. It is one of the modalities of Chinese Medicine, which is at its core, a philosophical framework that addresses the network interactions of systems of the body, society and the environment.

The benefits of working in this way, is that patients have

  • an opportunity to learn and ask questions alongside friends, family and, or colleagues
  • taking advantage of the comfort of your own home.
  • no need for driving to an office,
  • no parking,
  • no stepping immediately from a healing state back into the environment of stress and toxicity so prevalent in the world.
  • It’s like a house-call but with the added benefit of an inspiring educational component that can inform your self-care.

Pricing is dependent on group size and the time commitment necessary to accommodate everyone

There is a Three hour minimum

3 hours: Can see up to 4 people ($400)

4 hours: Can see from 4- 6 patients ($500)

5 hours:: Can see up to 8 people ($600)

Full day and weekend rates available, call for details.

The Salon will be facilitated by Justin Burkett, a California Licensed Acupuncturist, (License #8344). He has been practicing since 2002. He has treated tens of thousands of patients around the world. He was an instructor of Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles and helped to mainstream acupuncture as a speaker and practitioner on board cruise ships.

To become a host contact Justin at (530)446-1565 or email: justin@heavenlystreams.com