Hank Meals: Dreams, Themes, Memes & Caffeine

Today anyone with a cell phone is a photographer but when Hank Meals started photography it was a mystical blend of optics and chemistry, hopefully enhanced by an artistic eye. Having access to a darkroom was not common and those who had them had an almost magical status.

As photography evolved it underwent continual technical and aesthetic transformations. At the same time enormous social change was taking place regarding civil rights, the anti-war movement, new spiritual expressions, sexual politics, art innovations, environmentalism, and the back to the land phenomenon. Locally, Meals was part of the vibrant local art community, which is still thriving.

Like many in his generation Meals was, and still is, an active participant and always carries a camera to record his surroundings. This is your chance to view the reportage of one man’s experience during these tumultuous times.