Guidelines for Contributors

General Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in developing content about Nevada City.  We know you are volunteering your time, and appreciate your effort.  We hope we can offer you some publicity and links to your website in return.

We publish articles about Nevada City and the surrounding area. We do not publish articles of a political or religious nature.

Please include a by-line at the end of the article, with your name, your business name, and a little bit about you.  You can also include a link to your business.   This is great for your rankings in Google, and one of the bonuses of being a contributor.  Here’s an example:

Joe Smith, owner of The Nawty Dog Cafe, is an avid fly fisherman, and father of two active boys.  He can be found serving a mean cappuccino is his [Nevada City Cafe] (which is a keyword link to his website

If you have photos, definitely include them!  Make sure you have permission to use the image, and if necessary, give us the photographer’s name so we can credit them (or better yet, have the photographer place their name and copyright actually on the photo).

When you have completed your article, please upload it, along with photos and photo credits.

SEO Guidelines for developing search-friendly copy for Chamber website

  • 500-700 words
  • 30% of copy should be keywords
  • Break into sections
  • Use headings
  • Use links to other websites (if the content exists on the Chamber’s website, link there first)
  • Refer to Keyword ReportKeyword Spreadsheet from 8/2/12.
    Report was provided by Internet Marketing
    (Note: there are multiple tabs in the spreadsheet), emphasize:

    • maps with “Nevada City”, “Sierra” “Sierra foothills” “Gold Country” etc.
    • “events”
    • “hotels” (where appropriate)
    • “Sacramento” or “near Sacramento”
    • “wineries” (where appropriate)
    • “Scott’s Flat Lake” and “Bullards Bar” (where appropriate)
    • “weather”, “Nevada City weather”
    • Gold Rush, gold panning, California history (where appropriate)
    • Outdoor activities (where appropriate) … hiking, fishing, camping, etc.