Golden Mandala presents the new Winter of 2020 Schedule!

Love! Somehow the magic and momentum in our little Golden Mandala world keeps building and building! The wonders of heartfully sowing positive seeds and tilling the soil for many seasons: it just keeps blooming bigger and brighter!

What’s new? While there is a lot to share in terms of fun new changes, let’s start with honoring what is staying the same! 10 of our teachers have reached long term status sharing in the space, with a few of us counting the YEARS we’ve been loving our sacred little temple. Along with the stable long term teachers, we also have more members than ever before, tirelessly trying new things and sometimes showing up multiple times in one day because there is just so much good to savor! Ooh that shanti flavor! Ommmmmmmm…..

And, while some of our teachers are “new” to us, the four teachers we have coming onto our schedule for the first time have over 50 years of teaching experience among them, both here in Nevada County, and in sacred places around the globe! We are so warmly welcoming Mariscela Alvarez, Jules Carpenter, Lindsey Wise, and Lucille Rovnak!

What else is new?

9:30 am classes now everyday.

Edge pushing offerings for all levels Monday Wednesday Friday at 7:30pm.
(Including the first weekly Friday late evening class.)

A new open play time Tuesday’s starting at 4:00pm, with space to stretch, dance, massage, try some acro, drink some tea, and meet new friends. Donate a few bucks if you can.

We have awesome new neighbors all around, wonderful shops we are proud to share the building and our corner of Broad Street with. Plan to come early to classes so you can peek into the new establishments, or go next door with a new yoga friend for some Choquiero chocolate treats.

Come sample all of what we’ve got this January, with the one time discount on Unlimited Class Passes! Buy in studio or online at

Here’s our quarterly newsletter, with all of this and more: