Go Nevada County App

We are excited to launch a new guide to the area’s best! It is a powerful mobile marketing platform that delivers a dynamic connection to the excellent shop, dine, and play activities found in Western Nevada County!

Currently, the platform has about 100,000 members in the greater Sacramento and Sierra Foothills. As members/consumers travel from the Sacramento region toward Grass Valley and Nevada City the mobile app will prompt them to join the Go Nevada County Group. Ongoing notifications from the Go Nevada County Group with updates about new businesses, special offers, shop local awards, games, and not-to-miss experiences will be sent to the app members.

A key feature of the platform is the ability for businesses to creatively drive consumer interest using games, special announcements and shop local awards. The resulting analytics; views, actions and redemptions, are available to help businesses craft successful marketing campaigns.

The cost for a business to have a listing in the mobile directory is $1 per month. This static listing includes one offer that can be changed quarterly and the ability to post events to the shop local group. In addition, businesses may opt to upgrade their static listing with a more dynamic autopilot program and access to on-demand management and analytics. The cost of these upgrades varies depending on the program. For more information about upgraded marketing programs, please contact Randy Custeau at 916.637.6278 or randy@snaptown.us.

With simply a click and at no cost, a member relationship can be established. Down load it FREE today! TEXT GoNC19 TO 63975

Cathy Whittlesey, Executive Director
Nevada City Chamber of Commerce
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Phone: (530) 265-2692
Toll Free: (800) 655-6569
Fax: (530) 265-3892

Download it FREE today! TEXT GoNC19 TO 63975