Get Something “Fur” Your Sweetheart at The Fur Traders

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and along with that Annual Box of Chocolates, pick your Sweeties up something that can Last a Life Time at The Fur Traders! Give them your Heart on a Key Chain that they can carry with them Everywhere, and since it is made with the most Luxurious Real Rabbit Fur, they’ll want to Hold it in their Hands, as well as their Hearts, Forever. Or go All Way, and make this Valentine’s Day Unfurgettable by Wrapping your Special One up in a Fur Coat or Vest. The Fur Traders has Gifts that Everyone will want to Cuddle up with. For Him and Her, Big and Small, or Young and Old, with and inventory of Wallets, Purses, Slippers, Shoes, Coats, Vests, Rugs, Blankets and much More. Or if your Loved One loves to shop, get them a Gift Certificate that they can use at Anytime and get the Best help with Our most Knowledgeable Sales Crew. Hop on down to The Fur Traders at 303 Broad Street in Historical Nevada City Open from 10am to 6pm Everyday.