Friar Tuck’s Now Open

To all our friends in the community,

We are happy to announce that we have re-opened!! Go online to make your reservations. No guaranteed seating at this time, but we’ll do our best.

Friar Tuck’s has always been a place where our guests can feel comfortable and taken care of. We are always thinking of the future and how we can make everyone’s experience better, no matter the circumstance.

In preparation for welcoming you back to Friar Tuck’s our staff has worked to ensure that we are creating a safer environment while offering you the same unforgettable quality dining/bar experience. In preparation for what’s ahead, know that we have implemented the following for your safety

COVID-19 Operating Procedure
COVID-19 Employee Health Training Agreement

Included in these are guidelines for social distancing, signage with customer code of conduct, other CDC recommended signs, customer triage plan for while your waiting to be seated, distancing, routine disinfecting plans and more.

For 47 years Friar Tuck’s has always been the heartbeat of Nevada City with our gorgeous bar, tree room, comfortable seating & an extensive food and bar menu. We hope that Friar Tuck’s will be even more comforting & special as we move towards resuming our usual activities. Rest assured that we remain committed as ever to providing you an enjoyable experience and we will cater to you your every need.

Ken, Donna, Chad & the entire Friar Tuck’s Staff