Foothills Event Center: Waiting to Book a Venue for Your Event?

Don’t! You don’t want to miss out!

It feels like the whole world stopped when COVID-19 hit, as people were told to stop everything and shelter in place. Though the staff at The Foothills Event Center continues to work from home, we’re starting to see activity and want to be sure you don’t miss out.

Most of the events that we scheduled at The Foothills Event Center during March and April have already been rescheduled for dates later in the year. Brides and grooms are still planning their weddings for six months to a year from now, so our calendar is starting to fill up again for the summer, fall, and winter months. Plus, many weddings are already on the books for 2021!

As the talk turns to being able to gather again, people are starting to think of the events that they were planning before the stay at home order. As a result, people are beginning to book again. If you are thinking about looking at dates for events in the fall, winter, and next year, we suggest that you consider booking sooner rather than later as the date you desire could be gone.

We know that once we’re all given the green light to gather, we’ll be looking for every opportunity to get together, reconnect and have a little fun, so don’t get left out! Give us a call today and see if the date for your event or wedding is still available.