Fernweh A Rustic, German Feast

November 30th – December 1st

Join us for a soul-nourishing night filled with hearty, rich dishes inspired by the comforting foods of Germany and the longing for adventure.

Chef Jes Taber
Live Music with Jessica Agnew
Art by Becky Johnson
Benefitting Sierra Harvest

For reservations: www.pollyspaladar.com

im not over you
cabbage. beef. bacon. tomato

winter is coming
rye. seeds. maldon butter

the american dream
white beans. paprika. chervil
with bratwurst or sour cream

call me the breeze
cuc. sour cream. dill

i never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself
sauerbraten. beet kraut. potatoes. carrots
vegetarians: turnips. mushrooms

mother was my first country
apple. almond. cream

If you require either, or both of these, please fill out the questionnaire at the ticket link. We politely decline changes to the menu at the door. No Refunds, No Tipping

About Jes Taber:
The Nevada County native and the founder of Eye of The Avocado Catering, Jes Taber, is currently based in San Francisco, but the world is her oyster. There, in the city by the bay, she caters events, large and small. Her food is from the heart, rustic, real, herb centered, lemon-soaked & mouth watering delicious. Real food made from love. She is an avid nourishing traditions enthusiast, specializing in bone broths and cooking with good fats, local vegetables and quality pasture raised meats. She has worked for such destination spots as Tartine Bakery, Bi-Rite Market, Blue Bottle Coffee, Three Forks Bakery + Brewery. Upon her move back to San Francisco she ran an impressive food program for the famed biodynamic wine bar Terroir Natural Wine, where she made the delectable Mediterranean influenced tapas for which they became famous. Upon leaving Terroir, Jes established herself in the San Francisco pop-up food scene with her infamous organic egg sandwich “The Roy G. Bev Sandi.” which gained a massive following and the attention of EaterSF, TimeOut & Urban Daddy. Jes was head chef at Polly’s Paladar for “Like Water for Chocolate” and “Ci Mangiamo.” Take a stroll down memory lane through our photo albums to view her sweet, sweet cuisine and then head over to the archives at KVMR and listen to her radio program aptly titled, Room Temperature Butter.

About Jessica Agnew:
Jessica Agnew grew up in Nevada County in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She is a potter, jewelry maker and impassioned singer/songwriter who lives on an old artist residency/homestead with teacher and mentor ceramicist Dick Hotchkiss. She draws deep inspiration from this place; intimacy with the seasons, the landscape of river canyons, and the family of community. She weaves beautiful color and primitive patterns throughout her work. She has recently made the heartfelt decision to devote herself entirely to being an artist, leaving the safety of the day job in the hopes that her art and livelihood can be the same.

About Becky Johnson:
Becky Johnson is an artist, art therapist, and mother. She earned her BA in Art Studio from the University of California, Davis, and Master in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt University in New York. She currently lives with her husband and their 2 young boys in Grass Valley, Ca. Whenever she has a moment between wrangling her rascals and making paintings in her studio, Becky enjoys taking family walks with their maniac dog, chilling with the g-parents, and spending time with her local community of radical women.

About Sierra Harvest:
Sierra Harvest formed in 2013 after the merger of Live Healthy Nevada County and Living Lands Agrarian Network, two dynamic young organizations with similar missions. They are a non-profit organization with a mission dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting western Nevada County’s families to fresh, local, seasonal foods. Sierra Harvest accomplishes this by offering farm to school programming, supporting farm fresh school meals, mentoring aspiring farmers and gardeners, celebrating our local food community and advocating for just, sustainable and organic food systems. They envision a thriving local food economy where residents of all ages have access to nutritious, local, organic seasonal food through strong connections among farmers, schools, and the community. They also envision a network of financially viable farms providing good food for the inhabitants, where health and wellness is the norm and people are engaged in growing, harvesting, preparing, and sharing fresh food.

About Babysitting:
Amani Mudd (16) and Bella Davis (15) are two of the best teenagers on planet Earth. They are both available to babysit at ANY seating. I repeat, ANY SEATING! Please email megan@pollyspaladar.com to request this extra service for the kiddos. Dine downstairs, and right upstairs, your little one/s are in the land of fun and games. Ages 3-12 preferred (but this is not set in stone). Bring a prepared dinner for your child. If no one requests this service by November 23rd, I am letting them off the hook, so if you’re thinking about it, get right on that. $10/kid/hour. Side note: If you have a breastfeeding infant and want to come to the Paladar, please know that you are more then welcome. It can get loud, but most of the time babies hear that as white noise. We also have options available for private breastfeeding, if preferred.