FAQ Live Musical Performances at Bars and Restaurants

FAQ Live Musical Performances at Bars and Restaurants

The Nevada County Public Health Department has just released new guidance pertaining to live music at food facilities and bars.  Click here for the FAQ document for your reference.  Singing and wind instruments are not allowed indoors at this time due to the high risk nature of spreading aerosolized particles.  Science has shown that higher quantities of respiratory droplets can spread further distances when people are singing, chanting, or playing wind instruments.  This risk is elevated even further, when these activities take place indoors.

The current goal for Nevada County is to keep our public health metrics at a low enough level such that our county can transition into the next less restrictive tier which would allow for more businesses to open with fewer restrictions.  In order to do that, everyone’s help is needed, including that of business owners, food and bar facility operators, as well as citizens and tourists.

The live performances information is found within the FAQ document produced by the Public Health Dept.  The link for that is here: https://www.mynevadacounty.com/DocumentCenter/View/34748/FAQ?bidId=

Also, there are coronavirus guidance documents for businesses located at this link: