Crazy Horse Saloon Music Line-Up This Week

Thursday, February 20: Band Beyond Description – 9pm, $10

Band Beyond Description is a Third Thursday tradition which has become Nevada City’s version of sonic church over the past several years. Channeling the freewheeling spirit of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia, every one of these shows is lightning in a bottle. Led by otherworldly guitarist/vocalist Jonny Mojo (Achilles Wheel) and drummer extraordinaire Gary Campus (Deadbeats), prepare for two extended sets of full-throttle exploration.

The special guests this month will be guitarist/vocalist Tom Menig. The leader of Nevada City’s longest running tribute band – Deadbeats – he brings a visionary approach to Grateful Dead material. His phrasing and ability to build jams to from a slow steady simmer to a boil is not to be trifled with. Menig’s synergy with Mojo has born luscious fruit in the past and sure to be even sweeter this time. We are excited to welcome a first time BBD guest, Jen Rund on bass. For starters, her knowledge is based on time spent studying with gods of the instrument – Victor Wooten and Kai Eckhardt. She has shared the stage with Coco Montoya, Mark Clark, Stu Allen, Barry Sless, Mark Karan and many more. Rounding out the lineup is Jim Wendt on keys (Saints of Circumstance, The Nibblers).

Thursday, February 20 through Sunday, February 23: Live Phish Webcasts from Mexico – 5pm, Free

No passport is required as Phish returns to the sandy shores of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula for another round of action. We are anxious to see what kind of tone the band sets for their 2020 campaign. The vibe of their previous Mexico shows has been refreshingly unique with lights illuminating palm trees, fans splashing in the ocean and the band getting loose. As you might know by now, watching a Phish webcast at the Crazy Horse is the next best thing to being there and in some ways even better. The sound quality will send chills down your spine and the HD image popping off our big projection screen provides a vantage point unavailable to any concert-goer. Fans come out of the woodwork to thrown down on the dancefloor and turn the saloon into an oasis of groove. Stick around afterwards for an eclectic array of live music!

Friday, February 21: Sun Hop Fat – 9:45pm, $15

The raw power, seductive appeal and relentless grooves of Ethiopian dance music is something that must be experienced live to truly be grasped. For the last decade, Sun Hop Fat has been Nor Cal’s cornerstone in bringing Ethiopia’s “golden era” back to life. Pulsing afro-beats and irresistible jazz stylings are at the core of this phenomenon. Led by a three-piece sax section soaring over an ocean of rhythm and serpentine guitar, these songs will speak to your soul and evoke dance moves that may not be legal in certain states. Last time they were here, we were overtaken with the complexity they brought to this sexy, exotic music. According to the San Francisco Examiner: You better brace for impact with a “steady wall of extraordinary moving sound and beats.”

Saturday, February 22: The Lique Featuring All-Vinyl Sets by DJ Fossil – 9:30pm, $10
This band from Vegas represents the evolution of hip hop, taking the genre in a direction representing the best of the past and the most exciting vision for the future. Led by a cutting edge emcee named Rasar, every song bursts forth with irresistible flow and conscious lyrical provocation. Imagine that atop a funky, soulful, jazz-a-licious four-piece band laying down the tasty grooves. Busting out fresh interpretations of hip hop classics along with infectious originals, The Lique (pronounced “Leak”) is doling out candy for the ears and food for the soul.

Tuesday, February 25: Bee Heroic! Save the Bees! – 6 – 9pm, Free

Attention Bee Huggers: Join Bee Heroic and the Crazy Horse Saloon to celebrate Earth’s amazzzing pollen nation! The great pollen nation is the collective of animal species that help keep our eco and food systems healthy. They are in trouble and this means we are too! Bee Heroic will be presenting on the issues surrounding their losses and how we can support these wonderful creatures. There will be a brief presentation, taco specials, boozzze and bee-friendly vendors.
Bee Heroic’s mission is to provide an information-to-action platform for initiating practices that will save and protect Earth’s bees, and all of its extraordinary pollinators, from near-term extinction.
Excerpt: Bee Heroic will be presenting on the issues surrounding the losses within the great pollen nation and how we can support these wonderful creatures. Bee There!

Wednesday, February 26: Trivia Night – Every Wednesday!

It’s 2020 and we now exist in a futuristic reality that our past selves considered as science fiction. It’s time for us to transcend our cognitive limitations and stretch the boundaries of our mental capacities. Twice a month just wasn’t enough so now great minds can unite EVERY WEDNESDAY to Eat! Drink! Think! Consider this not only a session of hearty brain aerobics, but a prime opportunity to bond with friends, family, co-workers and strangers. Establish a team of up to FIVE people and catalyze the collective power of your brilliant intellect.

The key to an exceptional night of pub trivia is a charismatic host that understands the nuances of the game and how everything is supposed to flow. Lucky for you, we have the best Trivia Man in the West – BK. He will present questions covering a wide range of subjects in eight different categories. You’ll tap into knowledge you didn’t even realize you had. It’s challenging, it’s fun and it’s a refreshing change from the normal night out on the town. The first, second and third place teams win bar credit. Be sure to come early, register your team and claim a spot. Load up on gingko and fire up that noggin’ of yours.