Light Up Nevada City GoFundMe

Light Up Nevada City GoFundMe

Every year, the historic downtown streets of Nevada City are transformed into something out of a Charles Dicken’s novel with twinkling white lights along rooflines, festive red flags lining the streets, and fresh wreaths, garland and swags decorating the brick buildings.

It’s so quaint and charming, Nevada City recently was named “Most Festive Christmas Town in California” and one of “The Best Christmas Markets in the US (CondeNast)”.

The COVID-19 event has impacted each of us in so many ways. The greatest impact of COVID-19 for the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce has been the loss of revenue due to the inability to produce events that our community enjoys.

All funds raised will support holiday lighting and decorations including fresh garland, wreaths and swags which some are purchased locally from schools and businesses. It will also go towards lighting up Calanan Park, one of the very first things folks see when they drive up Broad Street in Nevada City.

The holiday season is not only important to the economic vitality of our small businesses, but in keeping family and community traditions alive.

Thank you so much for help and support! Click here to make a donation.



Thanksgiving was very different than in years past. Celebrations were smaller, quieter, and the pull of nostalgia stronger than ever.

The Miners Foundry is honored to serve as the repository for the collective memories of our community. Music, art, dance, and joyful gatherings are in our future, visible on the horizon.

Our stone walls are waiting patiently to welcome, protect, and preserve new memories.

As we fondly reflect on shared experiences and eagerly anticipate a brighter future, what can be done to respect both simultaneously?

Please support the Miners Foundry on Giving Tuesday to ensure your community cultural center continues to serve our community by providing a safe space for the creation of memories.

Thank you for your generosity! Click here to donate.

Support the Arts in Nevada County this Giving Tuesday

Support the Arts in Nevada County this Giving Tuesday

2020 has seen a profound shift in our communal psyche. In late February, just three weeks before our Governor issued a shelter-in-place order for the whole of California, Nevada County Arts Council hosted The Business of Art.

Little did we know, as we welcomed close to 200 creatives for a day of professional development, that this would be the last time for at least a year we would spend in one another’s company in such numbers. These were precious moments…

By mid-April, on completion of our COVID-19 Early Impact Study, arts organizations in Nevada County estimated total financial losses of up to $10 million as a result of COVID-19.

We said at the time that it was too early to properly estimate the devastating losses to our industry, and that only later surveying would lend a more complete picture. We now know this to be true – yet our community has been generous.

Advocating that the arts sector should be eligible to apply to the Nevada County Relief Fund, we then created a fund of our own to support local professional artists; launched an online festival to support this effort called WHAT A RELIEF!; and provided online COVID-19 resources for our creative community and once monthly online meetups for our creative sector.

Simultaneously, we opted in to a state program to regrant further CARES Act funding to organizations and groups that support communities of color through cultural programming. Our initiative – which will disburse these funds by year-end, is called Nevada County CARES for the Arts.

Meanwhile our new Art in Storefronts initiative is shedding a whole new light on “window shopping.” The installations of eleven artists across our downtown areas inhabit formerly vacant storefronts, sharing a message of hope and resilience, industry and innovation. Our California Cultural Districts are open for business!

This coming week Nevada County Arts Council is launching its Shopping with Artists initiative, which will provide you with a fabulous, local, online shopping experience as we approach a holiday season like none other, and supports local professional artists during challenging times. Watch this space as more artists join in.

All this activity is on top of our regular programming, which draws upon state funding to support local investment.

Earlier this year, in partnership with Nevada County Office of Education, we completed the county’s first ever Strategic Plan for Arts Education, representing a beacon of hope for all students from kindergarten through high school.

We followed this with the launch of an online version of our celebrated Artists in Schools Program, ensuring that every student in every school district has access this year to fun, curriculum-bound arts education.

As the New Year approaches we are setting in motion a virtual version of Poetry Out Loud, and in January our Youth Arts Action initiative will see us working with a new partner, Bright Futures for Youth, formerly NEO, to provide important arts tuition outside traditional school hours. Together, we are investing in our young and in our future.

As November draws to a close, we celebrate our local Nisenan Tribe and our collective work through Nisenanim Ni, or I AM NISENAN. It is National Native American Heritage Month and, importantly, Nisenan Heritage Month in the Sierra Nevada. As proud partners with Nevada City Film Festival, we are honored to be working in tandem with the keepers of this place we call home.

As we consider our future and our mountain homelands, we look to our forests for the solution to the growing risk of catastrophic fire in California. Despite steep competition for funding – and with a little help from you – we are on track to mount FOREST⇌FIRE during 2021.

So join Nevada County Arts Council in the spirit of giving. Support our work to advance the cultural, social and economic life of our community through the lens of the creativity.

We want Nevada County to be known as the ultimate place to live and work – for everybody. A place where businesses thrive, our children receive the best education, and where we live in harmony with each other and our mountain home. A place, too, where our creative sector is supported, for understand that in places where culture thrives, so do its people.

Through your gift to us you affirm the importance of art to life, history, community and growth – and we thank you for your investment.

Simply click the button below and make a donation, then forward this email to three friends or loved ones who carry the same values as you!

Click here to support the arts! 

Keeping the Arts Alive

Keeping the Arts Alive

WHO:  The Center for the Arts
WHAT:  End of Year Membership Drive
WHEN: Now through December 31, 2020
WHERE: online @
INFO: | 530-274-8384
This year is all about coming together as a community, and The Center for the Arts has continued to create experiences, opportunities and new ways for us to unite through the arts. Due to the uncertainties of 2020, The Center for the Arts held off on their Spring and Fall Membership Drives. Now, they have put together a host of bonus gifts, weekly drawings, a silent auction, and new programming announcements to celebrate a special End of Year Membership Drive. They are asking for your support to help keep the arts alive and preserve the future of The Center by becoming a member now.
After undergoing a two-year, $6.1 million renovation, The Center is the only premier performing arts center of its kind in Nevada County. It’s fully ADA accessible, features a visual arts gallery with 602 square feet of wall space, and an expanded auditorium with 492 luxury retractable seats and a state-of-the-art Meyer sound system.  The Center reopened just two days before closing due to COVID-19.
Arts organizations are experiencing catastrophic financial losses and are fighting harder than ever to keep the arts alive in these challenging times. The Center has postponed or cancelled 140 events and lost nearly $3 million in projected ticket sales. For the City of Grass Valley, that’s caused a loss of over 60,000 visitors to the historic downtown and over $1.7 million in event-related spending. According to the National Independent Venue Association, for every $1 spent on a ticket at small performance venues, a total of $12 in economic activity is generated within communities on restaurants, hotels, taxis, and retail establishments.  In normal times, more than 30 percent of Center audience members travel to Grass Valley from outlying areas, and their summer music festival, WorldFest, draws crowds of 5,000 daily.
Despite these challenges, since the start of COVID-19, The Center for the Arts has continued to inspire audiences and artists, brought joy to thousands of online viewers at home, and been devoted to providing opportunities for local staff, stage workers, and teaching artists.
In 2020, The Center delivered a dozen free concerts through their online broadcast series, From The Center, and opened The Backstage Bar in their back parking lot offering live music from behind a six-foot drum shield.  The Center partnered with CHIRP and The Recording Academy’s MusiCares foundation to livestream fundraisers, and hosted five gallery exhibits and an Open Studios Tour with social distancing, private viewings, and virtual tours. Even when The Center is able to host concerts indoors again, they plan to continue their online offerings. Moving forward, The Center’s online programming will be ticketed but members will have free access to most virtual events, including a new interactive series highlighting Nevada County’s finest, In Conversation With.
In Conversation With will introduce local celebrities in conversations about Food, Nature, Art and Lifestyle.  From tattoo artists to mushroom hunters, naturalists to nutritionists, farmers to brew masters, this weekly series will feature the very best of Nevada County. This weekly series is free to members and will begin January 3, 2021.
The Center has always believed that the arts must be accessible for all. They remain dedicated to removing financial barriers and making programs available to 7,500 youth annually. Knowing that many Nevada County students have reduced schedules and limited after school options, The Center provided additional arts education opportunities this fall and increased scholarship awards to $10,000 in anticipation of more families in need, despite the fact that they’ve been running camps and classes at a loss in order to maintain safe, reduced class sizes.
Donations and memberships both big and small will make it possible for The Center to continue. Today 2020 memberships are down by 49%. This year your contribution is more crucial than ever. The Center’s 2021 plans are to keep creating, and they hope that you will join them in supporting the arts and The Center. Memberships are paramount to keeping the doors open and making sure The Center is here for artists and audiences when it is safe to reopen, and to ensure the future of the arts in Nevada County.
Become a member of The Center for the Arts and your contributions will provide opportunities for artists and tech crews. Did you have tickets for a show in 2020?  You can donate your tickets back to The Center in exchange for a membership!  It’s a great way to give back. Members are rewarded with a virtual front-row seat to all creative experiences and events The Center has coming in 2021. Plus, you’ll receive bonus gifts and entries into weekly drawings when you join before December 31, 2020, during their End of Year Membership Drive. Visit or call 530-274-8384 for more information.

A Celebratory Event with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

A Celebratory Event with Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas celebrate the release of their new album, Syzygy, with a live broadcast from The Center for the Arts on Friday, December 4, 2020.

WHO: Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
WHAT:  Album Release Show LIVE From The Center
WHEN: Friday, December 4, 2020 | 7:00pm
WHERE: 314 W. Main Street Grass Valley, CA
ADMISSION: Free Livestream, Donations Welcome
INFO: | 530-274-8384

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas celebrate the release of their new album, Syzygy, with a live broadcast from The Center for the Arts on Friday, December 4, 2020. The album was inspired by philosophical ideas, people they’ve met, and life events including weddings and births. Their creative process was changed by the pandemic, so the album release show will be a unique and celebratory experience, performed live, From The Center, and broadcasting online at
The musical partnership between consummate performer, Alasdair Fraser, “the Michael Jordan of Scottish fiddling,” and brilliant Californian cellist, Natalie Haas, spans the full spectrum between intimate chamber music and ecstatic dance energy. Over the last 20 years of creating a buzz at festivals and concert halls across the world, they have truly set the standard for fiddle and cello in traditional music. They thrill audiences internationally with their virtuosic playing, their near-telepathic understanding, and the joyful spontaneity and sheer physical presence of their music.
The duo started recording new songs back in January at Rotary Records in Western Massachusetts and planned to mix the album, together, while on tour this year. Normally their schedule is packed full, performing in the US and Europe and teaching at summer fiddle camps across three continents. When the pandemic postponed their performance and teaching plans, they settled into a new workflow to finish the album. “We did everything online, it was a lot of back and forth,” said Haas. Fraser handled all of the mixing and editing. He enjoyed this new process; “Every day I’d get a new list of what to change and what to keep. We are excited with what we’ve created.”
Syzygy is a collection of all original material. The duo has been working towards this moment for twenty years, an equal collaboration where half of the songs were composed by Fraser and half were composed by Haas. They met at the Valley of the Moon fiddle camp in 1995 when Natalie was just eleven. By the time she was fifteen, they were collaborating on 18th century pieces that featured bass lines for cello. The duo’s debut recording, Fire & Grace, won the coveted Scots Trad Music “Album of the Year” award, the Scottish equivalent of a Grammy. They went on to record four more critically acclaimed albums that blend a profound understanding of the Scottish tradition with cutting-edge string explorations, including the 2017 release, Ports of Call. While previous albums often featured musical guests, Syzygy brings them back to the tried and true duo format and will be available for purchase at
This will be their first livestream from an actual venue. They are excited to perform on a real stage and eager to see the remodeled Center for the Arts. Haas also noted her appreciation for stage crews and sound techs. Since venues closed in March, artists have had to adapt to setting up their own cameras and microphones and running their own sound to broadcast live from their homes. The show will be performed on the main stage at The Center for a small crew of sound and video professionals working to broadcast the performance to viewers online.
The Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas Syzygy album release show is happening on Friday, December 4, 2020 at 7:00pm Pacific time. RSVP for the free live broadcast at

Golden Shoulders & Paige Lucile Broadcasting LIVE From The Center

Golden Shoulders & Paige Lucile Broadcasting LIVE From The Center

WHO: Golden Shoulders & Paige Lucile
WHAT:  Broadcasting LIVE From The Center
WHEN: Friday, November 27, 2020 | 7:00pm
WHERE: 314 W. Main Street Grass Valley, CA
ADMISSION: Free Livestream, Donations Welcome
INFO: | 530-274-8384
This year, Golden Shoulders is broadcasting their day-after-Thanksgiving show live From The Center on Friday, November 27, 2020 at 7:00pm pacific time. Paige Lucile is opening the night and you can watch online at or at The Center’s new Backstage Bar located in their back parking lot at 315 Richardson Street in downtown Grass Valley.
A long-tenured band from Nevada City, California, Golden Shoulders are known for their freewheeling mix of scrappy indie rock, power pop, and folk as well as a constantly fluctuating lineup which centers around the melodic songwriting of leader Adam Kline. For this special Thanksgiving weekend show the band features David Nicholson on drums, Brett Shady; vocals and percussion, Jonathan Hansard; vocals, banjo and trumpet, and Adam Kline singing and playing guitar.
It’s kind of a tradition. Golden Shoulders played their first day-after-Thanksgiving show in 2004 at Cooper’s. The following year, they played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead. In 2009, they played the Saturday after Thanksgiving at Crazy Horse Saloon & Grill. In 2014, they played two consecutive shows (an early show and a late show) the day after Thanksgiving at Kitkitdizzi, of all places. The next year, they were back at Cooper’s the day after Thanksgiving. In 2016 they took to the stage at The Center for the Arts the day after Thanksgiving with Aaron Ross and Davia opening, and then again in 2017.
Golden Shoulders returns to The Center for the Arts for their day-after-Thanksgiving show. This year things will be a little different.  They haven’t been inside The Center since the renovation.  Not only are they excited only to see the new theater, but also to see each other. Like many of the bands performing in the From The Center live broadcast series, they haven’t had many opportunities to perform together since COVID-19 shut down venues in March. The other difference is that they will be playing to a mostly empty room. With the exception of the small crew and production team, there’s no audience in the theater.  The band will be playing to the cameras, and to their friends and fans tuning in online.
Opening the show this year will be local songwriter, Paige Lucile Anderson. She started playing music at the age of 9 with her father. Shortly after learning guitar the rest of the family picked up instruments and Anderson Family Bluegrass was formed. Paige started writing songs at the age of 15. By the age of 17 she had written an entire collection of songs and the siblings formed a new band called The Fearless Kin. They released two albums and played together for four years. When Fearless Kin dissolved, Paige continued to pursue her passion for music. She has been writing and recording in Los Angeles, formed a new band, played bass for Family of The Year, and toured across North America and Germany. Paige finished recording a new album earlier this year and is planning on releasing it very soon.
The Golden Shoulders and Paige Lucile live broadcast is happening on Friday, November 27, 2020 at 7:00pm pacific time. This is a free event. A digital “Tip Jar” is available for donations to support both the artists and The Center. The livestream will be available online at and on the big screen at The Center’s outdoor bar, weather permitting. Visit to RSVP and for more information.

Thanksgiving Week at Nevada City Winery

Thanksgiving Week at Nevada City Winery

Warehouse Clearance Sale, New Thanksgiving Hours, Fireside Tasting, and What We’re Thankful For!

Wine Bottle Clearance Sale!
Starting Saturday in the Barrel Room

Stock up for the holidays. Nevada City Winery is clearing out our warehouse. We have library wines, closeouts, overruns, & rare finds that we need to move. Bottle prices start as low as $5.00. Mix and match cases. Don’t miss out!

Enjoy complimentary mulled wine while you shop!

Sale starts this Saturday, November 21st and runs through Saturday, November 28th

12:00–4:00 pm

(Closed Thanksgiving Day)

Please park in the lot behind the winery. Our cellar doors will be open.

Extended Hours Thanksgiving Week

We are OPEN outside with extended hours for flight, glass, and bottle service. Our tasting room is also open for to-go bottle sales, merchandise, and art sales. All COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. Masks and social distancing are required.

Thursdays 4:00–9:00 PM

Closed Thanksgiving Day

Fridays 2:00–9:00 PM

Saturdays 12:00–9:00 PM

Sundays 12:00–7:00 PM

Monday–Wednesday 12:00–4:00 pm

Thanksgiving week only!

Fireside Tasting & Star Gazing
Our Response to the New COVID-19 Restrictions

Being safe doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! Nevada City Winery will adhere to all COVID-19 safety measures while offering a fun and memorable experience. Join us outside where warmth comes with a glow. Enjoy fireside tasting, space heaters, throw blankets, and friendly service under the stars. We can’t think of anything better!

COVID cases in Nevada County are on the rise and we are closely monitoring all safety regulations. As of now, Tuesday, November 18, wineries are restricted to outdoor seating only. Visit our website to learn more about our COVID safety procedures.

We Are Thankful
Your support means so much, and that’s never been more true!

While this year has been filled with heartache, change, and uncertainty, we can look forward to the simple pleasure of a glass of wine. Whether online or in person, wine shared amongst those we cherish is a simple pleasure that brings sanity to these crazy times. For this and for you we are grateful.


Holiday Pies from Emily’s Catering

Holiday Pies from Emily’s Catering

Take a break from cooking for Thanksgiving and let Emily’s Catering do all the work! Its pie time at Emily’s Catering!  With over 12 varieties of freshly baked beautiful and delicious pies, now is the time to reserve your favorites for the holidays.  Pastries, cookies, and seasonal savory dishes are also available to order for yourself or as a gift.  Visit our website today or give us a call at 530-271-225

Nisenan Heritage Month

Nisenan Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month and we’ve made a creative decision to combine our annual Nisenan Heritage Day Cultural community event and our annual Harvest Dinner fundraiser into a month-long Cultural educational opportunity. Beginning November 1st, this deeply engaging event will feature weekly offerings of digital content in reflection of the work California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project (CHIRP) has done over the last decade. We will also share the history of Nisenan people and the story of the Nevada City Rancheria through interviews, photos, video, song and a premiere of CHIRP’s new podcast/vlog!

We will miss seeing everyone at our in-person events this year! The silver lining is this virtual format brings opportunities of wider accessibility, larger geographic inclusion, and a new platform for creative fundraising. Nisenan Heritage Day and the Harvest Dinner fundraiser events raise thousands of dollars toward CHIRP’s annual program budget. Join us the entire month of November for this beautiful weaving of community, Culture, and education and let’s blast through our fundraising goal of $30,000!

You can donate as an individual or get collaborative and create a fundraising team! Gather your friends, family members, colleagues to form a team and perhaps come up with a fun team name. Encourage others to do the same and spark some friendly community competition! There will be a grand prize for the individual or team who raises the most funds. In addition, a randomly selected winner will be chosen each week from all who made a donation that week. Click here to donate.

CHIRP remains steadfast in its mission to Preserve, Protect and Perpetuate Nisenan Culture. In the spirit of reciprocity, join us in making this a community endeavor!

Fur Traders Warehouse Sale

Fur Traders Warehouse Sale

In Our Huge Warehouse!
We’re back and have 6 months worth of internet returns, discontinued styles, and much more to check out! Come quick & be the first to get the best selection for your size!
Buy 3 or more items and get 60% off!
Regular price stock that is for our store in Nevada City- is also available for purchase. Prepare for the cold with soft & luxurious robes, slippers, blankets, pelts, & loungewear. UGG, Smartwool socks, Sockwell, and more! Hiking, Biking, Running, Hunting, & Every Day Styles. Crew, Knee-High, Dress, and Hide & Seek, Socks for every need! Friday-Sunday 10am-6pm @ 10181 Commercial Ave in Penn Valley (behind Player’s Pizza!)

Nevada County Fairgrounds Fundraiser – Drive Thru BBQ


The Nevada County Fairgrounds Foundation, in partnership with the Foothill Lions Club, is hosting a Drive Thru BBQ and Pie event as a fundraiser for the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

Tickets are on sale now at for pulled pork family meals and pumpkin pies. Each pulled pork family meal feeds four people and includes pulled pork, four baked potatoes, coleslaw and four rolls for only $40. Whole pumpkin pies are available for $15 each. Order a meal or a pie or both – and order as many as you’d like!

All orders must be placed by November 17. Pick up is on Tuesday, November 24 between 4 – 7 pm at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Gate 2, Ponderosa Hall. This event is pre-sales only and there are no onsite sales, so order today.

Tickets are available online at All proceeds benefit the Nevada County Fairgrounds, which has been severely financially impacted by the restrictions on mass gatherings caused by COVID-19.

For more information, visit or call (530) 273-6217.

In Concert Sierra “Chamber Favorites with Local Favorites”

In Concert Sierra “Chamber Favorites with Local Favorites”

Submitted of the March 2014 Chamber Favorites for Local Favorites concert by Fred Hall

On Sunday, November 15 at 2pm, InConcert Sierra presents a virtual presentation of its March 2014 concert “Chamber Favorites with Local Favorites.” The concert features Artistic Director and pianist Ken Hardin, Concertmaster and violinist Richard Altenbach joined by local and regional musicians who perform often with the InConcert Sierra and Sierra Master Chorale Orchestras.

The program is an exciting and enchanting program of quintessential and beloved chamber works featuring Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring (chamber version), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, and Ernst Dohnanyi’s Sextet in C Major.

Joining Hardin and Altenbach are David Eby, cello; Kristen Autry, violin; Susan Lamb Cook, cello; Tom Derthick, bass; James Een, viola;, Jolán Friedhoff, violin; Nancy Hill, violin; Cameron Kopf, horn; Elizabeth McAllister, clarinet; Kirsti Powell, flute; Dave Riddles, bassoon; and Melinda Rayne, viola.

“Prior to moving to Portland Oregon, David Eby suggested this program, and Richard and I were immediately onboard. David returned for this special and spectacular program to be with his Northern California friends. It’s not often you get to hear familiar favorites like these, and not often that I get to perform with this list of sensational local players and friends,” said Ken Hardin.

“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, known popularly as “A Little Night Music”, is noted as one of Mozart’s most famous and favored works.  “Appalachian Spring” is another favorite that includes folk melodies and ends with a set of variations on the Shaker hymn “Simple Gifts” which demonstrates why Copland was one of the earliest important composers who helped to establish a distinctive American sound.  The story of Appalachian Spring is a very heartfelt and happy spring celebration of the American pioneers of the 19th century after building a new Pennsylvania farmhouse. Dohnany’s fascinating Sextet in C Major illustrates the quality, creativity and vitality of his writing. Dohnanyi has a place of honor in Hungarian culture, known as an emulator of Brahms, and contemporary of Bartók.

This concert is dedicated to the memory of Cameron Kopf who passed away unexpectedly in 2018. He played horn for InConcert Sierra and Music in the Mountains and played in the Nevada County Concert Band after retiring from performing on Broadway touring shows.

Hardin noted, “Cameron’s easy-going nature and gentle spirit, and mischievous smile, captivated the hearts of his colleagues, students, friends and family. Cameron left his mark on our musical community and he is remembered fondly by all of us. It’s a joy to see him playing.”

The video will be on InConcert Sierra’s YouTube, website and Facebook starting at 1:45 with a pre-concert forum that leads right into the concert performance at 2pm. There will be a special ZOOM party with a conversation about the music following the concert. Reservations for the post-concert party will be limited to 50 for this first time – available on the November 15 webpage at There is no fee for either concert viewing or post-concert party attendance.

Nevada City Fall Colors

Things to do during the fall…

Some of the Golden State’s best fall colors are found in the historic Gold Rush towns of Nevada City and Grass Valley, and along the Yuba-Donner Scenic Byway through Tahoe National Forest in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Nevada City-Grass Valley area, with outstanding Gold Rush history and good choices in lodging and dining, has become known as one of California’s best areas to view autumn foliage. The best fall colors in Nevada City and Grass Valley are located in the old-fashioned Victorian neighborhoods surrounding the downtown historic districts. The most spectacular displays are in century-old Red Maple trees planted by early settlers.

Fall weather conditions at 2,500 feet in the Sierra foothills favor formation of brilliant colors in the landscape. As days grow shorter, photosynthesis slows and pigments other than green become more visible. Cool nights prevent the movement of sugar from the leaves, forming a red pigment called anthocyanin. It is often thought that Jack Frost is responsible for the color change, but he really isn’t. Leaves often begin to change before the first frost.

Using Grass Valley and Nevada City as a base, motorists can view fall color changes in the forests along the 160-mile Yuba-Donner Scenic Byway, a looped route that follows state highways 49 and 89, U.S. 40, Interstate 80 and state highway 20. The route features a variety of color, ranging from old trees and vines in historic mining villages to the groves of quaking aspens at the higher elevations of Yuba and Donner summits.

High elevation colors often begin to change in September and peak in October. Peak color weeks in Nevada City and Grass Valley are difficult to predict but mid-October to mid-November is usually most colorful. Fall color tour maps are available and visitors may call ahead to check day-to-day conditions. Nevada City and Grass Valley are located 60 miles northeast of Sacramento. From the capital, take eastbound Interstate 80 to Auburn and then drive north on Highway 49. From Reno, take westbound I-80 and State Scenic Route 20; a pleasant, 80-mile drive.

AMERICAN PICKERS to Film in California

AMERICAN PICKERS to Film in California

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and their team are excited to return to California! They plan to film episodes of the hit series American Pickers throughout your area in December.

We understand that with the proliferation of COVID-19, we are all facing very uncertain times. We at American Pickers are taking the pandemic very seriously and will be following all guidelines and protocols for safe filming as outlined by the state and CDC. While we plan to be in California this December, we will continue to re-schedule if conditions change for the worse. Regardless, we are excited to continue to reach the many collectors in the area to discuss their years of picking!

AMERICAN PICKERS is a documentary series that explores the fascinating world of antique “picking” on History. The hit show follows Mike and Frank, two of the most skilled pickers in the business, as they hunt for America’s most valuable antiques. They are always excited to find sizeable, unique collections and learn the interesting stories behind them.

As they hit the back roads from coast to coast, Mike and Frank are on a mission to recycle and rescue forgotten relics. Along the way, the Pickers want to meet characters with remarkable and exceptional items. The pair hopes to give historically significant objects a new lease on life, while learning a thing or two about America’s past along the way.

Mike and Frank have seen a lot of rusty gold over the years and are always looking to discover something they’ve never seen before. They are ready to find extraordinary items and hear fascinating tales about them. AMERICAN PICKERS is looking for leads and would love to explore your hidden treasure. If you or someone you know has a large, private collection or accumulation of antiques that the Pickers can spend the better part of the day looking through, send us your name, phone number, location and description of the collection with photos to: or call 855-OLD-RUST.

facebook: @GotAPick

Celebrating Nevada County’s Women in History

Celebrating Nevada County’s Women in History

Get a bit of history with a commemorative card, designed and produced by Nevada County women: Design by Pamela Biery, illustration by Stephanie Sobierski and printed by Judith Berliner of Full Circle Press. Now available with a $10 contribution at the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce office.

As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, join the Famous Marching Presidents in recognizing a great California suffragette, Ellen Clark Sargent.

Nevada City California resident Ellen Clark Sargent was a close friend and ally to Susan B. Anthony. Sargent founded the Nevada County Women Suffrage Assoc. and was a key figure in eventually combining East and West Coast efforts into a unified organization, which later became the League of Women Voters.

Nevada City non-profit Famous Marching Presidents produced a video that chronicles Ellen’s work for women’s right to vote. Set in the format of a return from the past, Ms. Sargent is interviewed by a present-day host. Actor Mary Baird is joined by Rick Ewald in portraying this original work, written by Pamela Biery. See the finished video and share with friends here.

Take home a bit of history with a fine press card, generously donated by Judith Berliner of Full Circle Press and illustrated by Stephanie Sobierski. Suitable for framing or mailing as a gift, these 8.5” x 5.5” letterpress cards are available for sale at the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce with a $10 donation (funds support the video project). Nevada City Chamber of Commerce hours currently are 9-5 on Friday and 11-4 on Saturday.

Learn more and contribute at:

Follow the Famous Marching Presidents on Facebook

Actor Mary Baird portrays Ellen Clark Sargent in the video “An Evening with Ellen” taped at the historic Nevada City Odd Fellows Hall, where Aaron Sargent was a founding member in 1853. This video was produced by the Famous Marching Presidents. See the video at

Ghost Towns of Nevada County

Ghost Towns of Nevada County

Ever wondered how Gold Rush towns like You Bet, Gouge Eye and Blue Tent got their names? Answers to this and many other questions about the County’s Gold Rush past can be found in the just released Ghost Towns of Nevada County. It contains histories of 18 County ghost towns, two maps and 31 photographs and other images. It is available as a free download from Apple Books or as a PDF from the publisher You Bet Press at

The author, Bernard Zimmerman, is a long time resident of You Bet and the Chair of the Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission. He is also the co-author of the electronic edition of Exploring Nevada County, a guide to the over 200 historical landmarks in the County.

You Bet Press is the first (and probably only) digital press in You Bet, California, whose heyday was in the 1860s as a gold mining town.

Haunted Nevada City Tours

For the sixteenth year, actor, writer and, storyteller, Mark Lyon, offers his Haunted Nevada City tours, exploring the stories behind the many ghosts said still to reside among us. This year, due to COVID, Mark will be offering self-guided audio tours for visitors and residents.  Walk Broad Street with highlights on local color, historic references, history of buildings, especially ghost and paranormal sightings.

How it works:

Either call or come by the Chamber Office (Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-2pm) and purchase a brochure for $10 and we’ll explain how to download the audio tour.

How to listen to the audio tour:

On your phone download the QR reader app.
Open the app and scan the QR code on the brochure.
Click open in browser. Because the audio file is so large you will need to click the download button. See the red arrow below.

Once you have downloaded the file you can then click on the blue arrow button in the very top right hand corner. Select Haunted Nevada City and push play.

These directions may be different for android.

AND don’t forget you can still get a DVD copy of the film Phantoms of the Holbrooke starring and written by Mark at the Chamber too! Only $15.
Happy Haunting!