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Nevada City...

Cello Chocolate

Nevada City, CA 95959
(530) 478-0877

Cello Chocolate is handcrafted from bean to bar in Nevada City, CA. We use carefully selected cocoa beans chosen for their unique flavors. When available, we purchase Certified Fair Trade and Organic beans. Our bars are made from single origin beans to showcase each region's unique character. We keep our ingredients simple: cocoa beans, sugar and cocoa butter. We encourage you to sample each variety and find your favorite.

Grass Valley...

Surrounding Areas...

Alvarado Farms

9659 Roble Road
Durham, CA 95938
(530) 520-7166
(530) 891-3377

Alvarado Farms is a family owned and operated almond and walnut farm in which our products are packaged by hand and made fresh. We sell primarily to the Chico farmers market, and have participated in the Nevada city farmers market as well. Our almonds are truly raw, and our almond butter is freshly made. We package and make all of our products. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, and the true essence of family owned and operated.

Colwell Thundering Herd Ranch

2500 Penryn Road
Penryn, CA 95663
(916) 663-1050
(916) 672-7451
By Appointment -or- e-mail/web 24/7

The Colwell Thundering Herd Ranch grows mandarin oranges and meyer lemons in a region known for producing some of the finest citrus fruit in the word. Colwell mandarin and Colwell lemon olive oils, as well as our balsamic vinegar, are outstanding.