Business Opportunities in Nevada City

This page is dedicated to ideas and opportunities that we hear about in the community. Looking to start a flexible part-time gig? Find your idea here with the knowledge that there is a likely demand for the service.

Or maybe you are ready to buy an existing business? The Chamber serve as the clearinghouse for people who are selling local businesses. [Oftentimes, these sales happen word-of-mouth because sellers are reluctant to advertise that their business is for sale.] If you are in the market to buy, email us at and we can let you know what we know.

If you are looking to fund a business, or learn the intricacies of running a business, The Sierra Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has a number free online courses plus other resources.

Keep in mind, if you start a new business in Nevada City you will need to become a licensed business. Click here for details.

Download our Start Something New in Nevada City brochure.

Current Business for Sale

Main Street Kids. Contact Laura Cantway at 530-277-1589

(Please contact the Chamber for additional private listings)

Business Ideas

Feedback from local wedding planners: There is a distinct need for shuttle bus services (from 12-passenger vans to larger) to transport wedding guests between locations. There is also a need for wedding cake bakers. There are currently no local tent rental service for the larger white canopy tents.

Composting services: The City of Nevada City is currently exploring opportunities for a combination of small-scale commercial batch composting in the city, large scale open site composting outside the city, and distributive composting leveraging technology to match residential and non-generator business compositing projects with available food waste. Essentially the City will be looking for partnerships in removing green waste from local businesses. The goal is to compost green waste from businesses and deliver it to local farms to use as soil amendment. Interested individuals would need to have a truck. For more information please contact the NC City Manager at 530-265-2496.

if you need any more detail on ideas or listings, please feel free to contact us at 530-265-2692.