Best of Fringe Winners “Figmentally” Bring New Circus Comedy to Grass Valley

Were they typecast for their roles? Maybe. Are they the perfect match? Absolutely. These two actors have landed the perfect roles in the perfect show, because they wrote it themselves. You may remember Figmentally from their Best of Fringe 2018 accolades and the Center for the Arts Family Fun Day. Grass Valley can’t get enough of these playful physical comedians. They are proud to present 5 performances (showtimes below) of their brand new sparkling off-beat circus comedy, Miss Fitts, on the Unitarian Universalist Main Stage, 246 South Church Street, Grass Valley. Running January 19-27, 2019, Miss Fitts will be part of the Nugget Fringe Theatre Festival. For more information, the public may visit
Hailed as “gut-bustingly funny” by the Georgia Straight, the internationally award-winning duo (Drea Lusion and Eric Parthum) just returned from the 2018 Acrobatic Golden Jubilee Comedy Festival in Kaifeng, China, for which the Chinese National Acrobatic Association selected their infamous and lovable living chair act. Amidst an international cast of Chinese, French, Australian and Belgian clowns, Figmentally reached across a language barrier to make Chinese audiences laugh. “We grew a lot in China. We had to dig deeper and let go of our expectations of what worked in the West. We had to get down to the bottom of what makes humans laugh. We broke rules, and constantly tried to surprise each other and ourselves.” said Drea Lusion of the experience.
After China, they knew it was time to breathe life into new material. Behind every performance, Figmentally always has “another show brewing, a new character tapping nascent feet, and new world ready to be built” says Lusion. Thus Miss Fitts was born, a fashionable circus affair, flaunting faux pas. Lusion plays the befuddled Miss Fitts, eccentric seamstress, human pincushion, and daydreaming cabaret diva—while Parthum arrives as Sir Tinnly, an ominous new client who could alter her whole reality. Both actors have been teaching circus arts to children for more than a decade, and believe that opening children to their inborn gift of creativity and bravery can help save the world.
This is Figmentally’s third full-length show, faithfully following their tradition of off-beat, genre-defying disobedience. They train in clown, mime, puppetry, dance, juggling, acrobatics, and most importantly playfulness. “We created everything you see in this show—from costumes to sound design and promotion” says Parthum. They stress that the show isn’t real until an audience sees it; so catch this Tilt-O-Whirl of fashion, this comedic love child of Willy Wonka and Coco Chanel, before
winter pushes it right out of town!
“The audience wasn’t just spellbound; we were kids again, dazzled, delighted, and awed.”
-Georgia Straight
“Figmentally surely ranks as one of the gems of this year’s Fringe, a cheerful melange of dance, mime and physical comedy.”
-Saskatoon StarPhoenix
“Gut-bustingly FUNNY”
-Georgia Straight
“Something about Figmentally feels so traditional and at the same time so fresh and magical. It reaches the child in us all.”
-Robin Wallace
“It’s dance. It’s comedy. It’s theatre. It’s mime. It’s love. It’s pure joy. It’s triumphant. It’s Figmentally!”
-Paul Micsan
“A figment of your imagination you will want to play over and over again”
-Marc Gonzalez, Road to 1000
​“Amazing and refreshing, they keep the audience engaged and enthralled with their comedic shenanigans”
-Indie Voice Blog
“The result is a thoroughly entertaining jog through the meandering pathways of creation where limbs intertwine in impossible contortions and breathtaking optical illusions spring from the perfectly coordinated body parts of the two separate yet indivisible actors with their deftly manipulated objects.”
-Ian C. Nelson
Drea Lusion and Eric Parthum, from Oakland (CA) and the Lookout Arts Quarry (WA), are two touring artists who uniquely blend new and old world vaudevillian antics with theater—building a new universe of laughter and magic for their audiences—using circus, dance, improv comedy and physical theatre that entices audience participation and incites wonder.
Saturday 1/19: 8:30pm
Sunday 1/20: 2:00pm
Friday 1/25: 6:30pm
Saturday 1/26: 7:00pm
Sunday 1/27: 2:00pm
Main Sanctuary, Unitarian Universalist Community of the Mountains, 246 South Church Street, Grass Valley, Ca 95945
$15 for adults – $10 for children
Learn more and follow Figment on facebook (@Figmentally) and at for more creative content and previews.
​Miss Fitts is written for adults, but children enjoy it just as much! The duo openly extend hilarity and participation to ALL AGES and families.

Image credit: Eric Parthum