Baja Princess at Off Broadstreet Theatre

Sail the waters of Baja California aboard the Azure Seas Cruise Line’s flagship Baja Princess with the fabulous entertainers from Galt, CA. OBS favorites Micah Cone, Danny McCammon, Kate Haight and Tina Marie Kelley star in this madcap comedy about small town amateur performers who are clearly “out of their depth” as lounge entertainers aboard a discount Mexican cruise. But “The show must go on,” and these intrepid wannabes keep trying to get it right! Each night of the four-day cruise, with their jobs on the line, this plucky band of misfits tries to offer unique lounge entertainment; switching first from a Latin Fiesta theme to Golden Oldies, to improbable Celebrity Impressions to an all-out Free-For-All on the final night. All while dealing with claustrophobia, insomnia, allergies and an increasingly hostile management. Music selections are all over the map; from La Bamba and The Macarena, to The Beatles and Supremes to Stevie Wonder and Dolly Parton to Kenny Loggins, Jefferson Airplane and KISS. Directed by Baja Princess Alumnus and familiar OBS actor Andrew Kerr, the musical features tons of laughs galore. Baja Princess is the perfect party night for September & October!

Pre-show entertainment is provided by Chris Crockett beginning one hour before show time for all performances. For further information or for show reservations, please call OFF BROADSTREET at (530) 265-8686 or visit the OFF BROADSTREET website at