Artist Branch Ellison’s July Art Exhibit at Elixart: Kinception

If you have seen Branch Ellison’s unique jewelry on a friend, in Crystal Junction gem shop or on his hyper-active Instagram feed, you are likely to remember the intricate beauty of gems and precious metals swirling in geometric forms, suspended in glass-like polymer. Ellison is entering a new phase with his work, uniting fine jewelry-craft with industrial design. New pieces will be exhibited for the first time in his upcoming July 3, 2019 exhibit at Elixart’s 408 Broad Street location in Nevada City, California entitled “Kinception.”

Ellison is still expanding the scope, size, and complexity of orgonite artistic expression. In the late fall of 2018, Elixart opened a second location in San Francisco. Ellison collaborated with wood craftsman Travis Pope and lighting designer Brian Pinkham to create an eye-popping bar top with interactive lighting, vast beds of gemstones and geometric features all set in finely burnished wood. Current works include studies on the five platonic solids, Mayan and Buddhist iconography and sculptural forms such as skulls and even crop circles.

This new exhibit is the first since 2014’s “Time in Form” artistic extravaganza, which brought the orgonite medium into the world of fine art with large wall-mounted sculptures. Come see what’s next with fine woodworking collaboration from Travis Pope of 3rd Eye Phi at Elixart though the month of July, including Nevada City’s Hot Summer Nights on 17, 24 and 31.

“For the past fifteen years, I’ve worked in Orgonite jewelry and art. Orgonite is primarily composed of polymer, metal and quartz crystal, so it lends itself to many other artistic mediums like glass blowing and fine woodworking. With the opening of Elixart San Francisco’s lounge and thirty-foot (30′) Orgonite and fine wood bar installation, my artwork became more collaborative. I am fortunate to have gotten to work with and become friends with many different talented artists from across the globe and in diverse mediums.

My intention is to birth a show that, like these tables and bars, brings multiple artists together to explore our kinship and interconnectedness. Thus the title, Kinception, which came to me completely out of the blue and yet seems obvious considering the endeavor at hand.” —Branch Ellison

What: “Kinception” a Collaborative Journey in Mixed Mediums, Branch Ellison & Friends Art Exhibit
When: July 3-31, 2019
Where: Elixart, 408 Broad Street, Nevada City
Fee: Free and open to the public.
Event Page:
Grand Opening Preview Party: 6-10pm, July 3, 2019
Door prizes, music, and additional exhibiting artists to be announced.

Elixart’s Nevada City location is in the heart of the Historic District. Watch for upcoming events and art exhibit announcements at See Branch Ellison’s artwork at or on

About Branch Ellison and Orgonix23
Branch Ellison is an orgonite jeweler and sculptural artist. Known for his outstanding craftsmanship and precision, Ellison has been recognized as a pioneering developer and orgonite influencer.

Ellison designs and crafts orgonite pendants and sculptures that push the boundaries of what is possible in this rare field of artistic exploration. Watch for his work at many festivals, gemstone and new age expositions, as well the custom Elixart bar in San Francisco at The Unreal Garden. Commissions invited. or