Animal Place’s Run for the Chickens

October 13 at 10am

Grass Valley Sanctuary 17314 McCourtney Rd Grass Valley, CA 95949

Chickens are the most abused animal in the industry and account for 80% of farm animals that are killed each year. Annually, 9 billion chickens are killed for meat and 305 million hens are used for egg production. These hens are slaughtered in mass amounts when their production falters, something the industry refers to as “depopulating.” This is where we come in.

Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch is an innovative large scale rescue and adoption program, a one-of-a-kind campaign that works with egg farmers to offer an alternative to killing the hens on their farm. While we are limited in providing sanctuary for all animals due to staff and land limits, we can continue to save thousands of hens through this program. We take in 500-2,000 hens, who would normally be gassed and their bodies dumped in landfills, rehabilitate them, and then find them permanent, pre-screened adoptive homes. Since 2010, we have saved more than 26,000 hens and 300 other farmed animals.

Due to zoning issues, we are forced to relocate our rescue & adoption program (housed separately from our 600-acre Grass Valley sanctuary, which is safe). Your support goes toward liberating hens from cages and rescuing goats, roosters, sheep, ducks, and geese from slaughter. I am writing to asking help to publicize our organization and help us continue our liberating work.

The Run will be on October 13 at 10am at our Grass Valley sanctuary location 17314 McCourtney Rd Grass Valley, CA 95949. Tickets are $35 for the Adult 5k, $25 for children and $12 if they would like to purchase a lunch. All tickets are available to purchase now.