Anew Day presents 7th annual Random Act of Kindness Event

7th annual Random Act of Kindness Event to Benefit Anew Day Counseling Center

If you pay attention to the news or social media right now you might think people have gone a little crazy. There is so much division and hate on display. In times like these it is essential to feed what is good in our community and its members. We need to sow seeds of love and kindness, then we need to water those seeds as often as we can.
On October 3rd, from 9 to noon, Anew Day counseling center is providing an opportunity for our community to do just that. We are organizing our 7th annual Random Act of Kindness Event.
This year we hope to have more participation than ever. We hope to have hundreds of people spread out all over Western Nevada County working to beautify the spaces we enjoy and lifting hands to help.
Let’s all put politics and division aside for a day so we can go outside and work together toward improving our community. Let’s sow some seeds of love and kindness side by side. Thankfully, the nature of this event makes it easy to social distance and stay COVID-safe.
Please visit to register.  All pre-registered participants receive an event t-shirt and a work assignment. You can call our office if you you’d like to gather a group of friends, family and/or co-workers to serve together on the same assignment.  This event is free of charge, but we are looking for Sponsors and Team Leaders to lend their support.  All proceeds benefit Anew Day counseling center. For more information call Anew Day’s office at 530-470-9111 or visit our website