Ancient China through Readings of The Battle of Chibi

Saturday, July 21, 2:00 p.m. Madelyn Helling Library Community Room, Nevada City

One way to understand and appreciate an old civilization, such as China, is through the lens of its written word, its classical literature. Through stories, based on facts, a people, their culture and evolution are revealed.

Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra presents Hock G. Tjoa, a scholar and author of Chinese literature and actor of community theatre, in readings from his book, The Battle Chibi (Red Cliffs), which he translated from chapters of the famed and voluminous Chinese novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Romance was written in the 15th century A.D., about the 3rd century China, when the Han Dynasty fell. Movies, television series, and computer games have been created from this novel. The war action movie, “Red Cliff”, by Chinese director John Woo, debuted in 2008. All are invited to learn about ancient China through these readings. For more information, visit Hock’s blog at Hock was last seen in CATS’ The White Snake in 2017. Donations gladly accepted.